Here’s Kartik Aaryan’s Checklist for Every Time He Signs a Film

Once again, I am here to be mad about things that we should all be mad about. Everybody has been talking about Kartik Aryan's onscreen character. If you've not been living under a rock, you would know that a trailer has come out for his new movie Pati Patni Aur Woh. It is a remake of an old BR Chopra film and stars Ananya Panday and Bhumi Pednekar.

So what I'm going to be talking about is how greatly Kartik has pointed out specifically what he looks for in a script. I’m sure being an actor is a difficult job. Finding the right script, knowing that it is going to work for you and it is going to be a hit, is a difficult job. There are a lot of stakes, but if one person knows how to do it perfectly well, it is Mr Kartik Aryan! He knows exactly what he wants when he is going to sign a film and you know what, it is working for him!

So from the looks of his career so far, here’s my take on what Kartik looks for in a script before signing the film.

Number one - Is the woman character of your film extremely manipulative, selfish and using the powers of seduction to torment the men in her life? If you have this, Kartik Aryan's character will do your film even for free, try it. Trust me, it is not a long shot.

Number two - a gang of testosterone-oozing men. Because when Kartik AKA Mr Whiny, who is done with everything is going to whine about everything that every woman is doing to every man possible, then one guy will definitely stand up and say, "Yes, I have experienced this too!" Otherwise, how will he feel validated? That ‘bro’ feeling is necessary.

Number three, do all men have unrealistic expectations from women in this film? Think about it: remember when Kartik Aryan's character realises that oh my god, his girlfriend has asked him to spend New Years' with him and he says "How much should I do, I am already texting you, I am already telling you what is going on in my life!" He goes on to whine about how he has to ask her if he has eaten, how her day went, what are the problems in her life?

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Editor: Veeru Krishan Mohan
Cameraperson: Sanjoy Deb

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