Kartik Aaryan Just Owns The Song – Haan Main Galat From Love Aaj Kal

Rajendra Pal

Kartik Aaryan plays a double role for the first time in Love Aaj Kal. He plays the naïve and the much-in-love Raghu from the ‘90s and he plays the nerdy and yet hot Veer in the current decade who’s chasing his love in Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) and Leena (Arushi Sharma). Playing two totally different romantic hero in the same film can be difficult, but not for Kartik Aaryan. The actor just shows that how he can nail both of them with finesse. And in the recent song, Haan Main Galat, he gives another glimpse of his acting mettle and of course of those dancing moves.

Today the makers have launched a new song, Haan Main Galat. The song is a total party-number and Kartik Aaryan moves effortlessly with his leading heroines Sara Ali Khan and Arushi Sharma. As Raghu in the song, he’s seen flirting and romancing the ‘90s style with Arushi. He keeps the innocence alive of that decade and his expressions are bang-on. While as Veer, he totally kills it on the dance floor with his signature ‘Twist’ moves. His chemistry with Sara and Arushi is amazing as he burns the dance floor. Kartik as Veer is seen in a messy hairdo and those nerdy-glasses, which makes him look even more desirable. 

Peppy numbers are Kartik Aaryan’s forte. He dances like a dream and he never leaves the emotion and his character. While listening to his music is addictive and watching his songs is truly a treat. Haan Main Galat has all the right moves and sass by Kartik Aaryan and this one is yet another chartbuster. Let’s just ready to twist, Kartik Aaryan style.

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