Kartik Aaryan Is The True Inspiration Parameter And This Humans Of Bombay Post Proves It Right!

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Kartik Aaryan’s ever-growing stardom and fandom knows no limits. Read on to know why we feel he is one true parameter for inspiring millions!

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The best example of a non-product of nepotism, Kartik Aaryan, a boy from Gwalior came to Bombay with the biggest of dreams and no contacts. His debut came after a few years of struggle, long lines of waiting for auditions and zooming around the city to get a break. What followed next was magical, well-deserved and B-Town had got this one actor who was incredibly made for his times.

No wonder there are many people who agree to the above lines and so does the official Instagram handle of the very well-known ‘Humans Of Bombay’ (@officialhumansofbombay) who met Kartik and asked him abut his initial days in B-Town, his struggle for making it big in Bollywood and what his parents felt after he got his 1st big break.

Kartik revealed, “I was born in the small town of Gwalior. My parents were in the medical field & I was going to do engineering. But in 9th grade, I saw Baazigar & I knew I wanted to be on the other side of the screen. I was unsure of my parents’ reaction—so I decided to study till 12th in Gwalior & then go to college in Mumbai. Luckily I got into a college in Navi Mumbai. I stayed in a hostel & searched for auditions. I had no contacts, so I’d type keywords like, ‘Actor Needed’ on Facebook. I’d travel for 6 hours 3-4 times a week for auditions. At times, I’d be rejected from outside the studio because I didn’t ‘look the part’. But I still had hope. Soon I got projects like a few seconds in an ad & they kept me going. Eventually I rented a flat in Andheri with 12 boys. I had limited finances.
I couldn’t even afford a portfolio—I’d crop my face out of group photos to send to agents! All the while I’d skip college to give auditions & my parents didn’t know about any of this.”

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He continued, ”Once I saw an ad for a film audition & decided to go for it. They liked me & auditioned me many times. My final audition script was the monologue that then became my identity! Finally, when I got the role, I was at Andheri station & immediately called my mom! She couldn’t believe it!
After 2 & a half years of struggle, what I had imagined as a possibility, was now a reality. After Pyaar Ka Punchama, there still weren’t many opportunities. I stayed in the same flat with 12 boys till my third film! At the time, my mom was adamant I finish my degree, so while shooting, I gave my exams—& people in the exam hall were clicking photos with me! But I understood that she wanted my future to be secure.”

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”After Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, it all changed! Life has come full circle now—recently when I was in Gwalior, I was invited to my school as chief guest & kids were chanting my name! It was surreal! But what I have today, would’ve never come my way, if I hadn’t believed that I’d make it. I’m grateful for where I am & I know I have a long way to go. Sometimes all of it still feels unbelievable—from this point on, the possibilities just seem endless & my dreams, are just waiting to come true.”

Well, we have nothing else to say about the boy who had dreams in his eyes and made them turn into reality with sheer dedication! See the post here…

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