Kartik-Sara’s budding romance has left latter's mom Amrita Singh fuming and fretting

Sara Ali Khan’s mother Amrita Singh is none too pleased with her daughter’s special friendship with Kartik Aaryan. The two young people are said to be blindly in love and Sara finds every opportunity to spend time with Kartik, no matter where he is shooting.

In fact, the two are now planning to bring in the New Year together, provided they can find the time to spare. This budding romance has left Sara’s mother fuming and fretting.

Says a source in the know, “Amrita feels now is the time for her daughter to consolidate her career and not get distracted by matters of the heart. Sara, on the other hand, is way too spontaneous to make calculated career decision. She thinks with her heart. And her heart tells her it’s okay to mix work with a personal life.”

Apparently, the mother and daughter have numerous arguments on this subject. To her dismay, Sara’s mom is not able to stop her daughter from letting her heart rule her head.

And where does Saif fit into this domestic disharmony? Apparently, the father of the girl in love is quite okay with whatever makes her happy.

Says a source close to Saif, “Both Kareena and Saif are fond of Kartik, especially Kareena who shot for a show with Kartik recently and has since then been telling her friends what a well-behaved boy he is.”

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