Kasam- Tere Pyar Ki 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Tanuja meets Rishi keeping Abhishek in the dark

Eva Abraham
Kasam- Tere Pyar Ki 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Rishi decides to fight the case and not give Tanuja the divorce while Tanuja cannot get Rishi out of her mind

Kasam- Tere Pyar Ki  starts with Tanya informing Natasha that Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) has locked himself inside the room and that Ahana told her that the black coated principal scolded him. Natasha decides to find out the truth. There a broken Rishi thinks that if fighting the divorce case is his last chance of meeting Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) daily then he would do that. He thinks that he will not divorce Tanuja. Tanuja returns home with Abhishek and Massi and Abhishek has to leave for office. Maasi tries to calm Tanuja and asks her to trust God. She says that all will be good soon enough. Tanuja thinks about Rishi and decides to call him once as she is worried about him after everything that happened in the court. Rano and Netra tell Kanchan about what happened and Kanchan says that it is too good a news. Rano gets sad though and says that Rishi has had his heart broken today. Kanchan has a plan and says that it is time they shift Netra to Rishi’s room.

Natasha asks Tanuja to take her to Rishi. Natasha says that she came to know that Rishi is sad and that she wants to meet Rishi. Tanuja tries to dissuade Natasha and she will not listen. Later Ahana tries to make Rishi eat food but he won’t open the door to anyone. Tanuja walks in and knocks at the door. Rishi feels her presence and opens the door. He looks at her and is sad. Natasha runs to him and hugs him. She asks him why he is so sad. Rishi hopes he could keep the both of them with him for ever. Natasha promises to solve all of Rishi’s problems. Natasha says that when she misses him she too cries like this and that they both are alike. Natasha goes off to meet Tanya and Tanuja asks Rishi to have food but Rishi says he has a meeting and he wants to go. Tanuja asks him why he is lieing and he says she should start learning to trust him.

Rishi walks away leaving Tanuja. Tanuja gets Abhishek call who asks her to meet him at a restaurant near Rishi’s office. Tanuja is happy that she can go meet Rishi now. As she enters Rishi’s office she thinks her behaviour is odd as she wants divorce and yet cannot stay without him. She peeps into Rishi’s room and sees him sitting alone and she feels he is lying. She gets angry as she barges in and asks him why he lied as he has no meeting and left the food uneaten. Rishi turns her around as there is a ongoing presentation. The staff leaves Rishi with Tanuja. Rohit tells Abhishek that Rishi has emailed them about if Tanuja can design for him. Abhishek gets angry and decides to confront Rishi in his office. Rishi asks Tanuja why she said in court that she wants divorce. They end up fighting as Rishi walks near Tanuja as he says that he knows she gets tensed when she does not talk to him. Abhishek walks into the office as Tanuja tells Rishi that she did not tell Abhishek she is goin to be here.