Kasautii Zindagii Kay’s Shubhaavi Choksey reveals all her travel secrets and hacks!

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

Who says, actresses doesn’t get time to travel. Amidst of her busy schedule, Shubhaavi Choksey, manages to satiate her quest of travelling by visiting these beautiful destinations. And here are a few destinations she wants to visit.

One travel destination that you’ve been longing to visit?


Your favourite mode of transport?

Depends on where I’m heading … I enjoy all modes of transport …. Never gone on a cruise ever so would love to do that as well

One travel destination you visit every year, or whenever you get the time?

It would be my second home: Dubai. More than a vacation it always feels like a staycation as we have a house there and I have made lovely friends I have the years

One destination that you will never get tired of visiting?

London & Turkey
I guess it’s the architecture and the stories each one has to tell that draws me towards these two destinations. Moreover, I respect the fact that they have preserved it so well … I love a different kind of cuisines I get to try and one more thing, I love to dress up in London and walk the streets …

One food item of a particular region you make sure you indulge into?

Oh goodness, one is too less, In fact, a zillion too hahaha… Harshal & I make sure to try the local cuisine in every place we visit … Be it the soups or the main course or the deserts… The aroma of food anywhere in the world just pulls me towards it

A place where you enjoy doing street shopping the most?

Undoubtedly London… I love Camden Town for its distinct culture in fashion … My love for vintage and retro collection gets satiated in London… Be it for my home or my personal use …