Photographer reveals Duchess of Cambridge's trick to look more photogenic

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The Duchess of Cambridge is perpetually photogenic. [Photo: Getty]

The Duchess of Cambridge been in the public eye for more than a decade, since first appearing in public with Prince William in April 2008.

As anyone who has seen photos of the Duchess knows, she is extremely photogenic: a point recently raised by photographer Terence O'Neill.

O’Neill was presented with a CBE for services to photography by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

Following the ceremony, O’Neill told PA news agency that the Duchess of Cambridge is his favourite photographic subject.

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“There have been some incredible people,” he said. “I couldn't really even compare - his (the Duke of Cambridge's) wife is also an excellent subject.”

But, good looks aside, what exactly is it about the Duchess that makes her so photogenic?

It’s a combination of preparation (pre-planned make-up, hair and outfits) and how she composes herself in front of the camera, explains photographer Grace Robinson.

The Duchess of Cambridge is regularly pictured side on. [Photo: Getty]

Hair and make-up

“Kate's hair is always styled to perfection, her most common style is loose waves, or curls, and it’s always pushed to the front of her shoulders,” says Robinson.

“This frames the face perfect for any image as her hair colour compliments her skin tone and make-up perfectly.”

Her make-up is also always “photo-ready”, with a natural look. “She never goes over the top - too much make-up or the incorrect makeup style for your face shape can really show up negatively on camera,” adds Robinson.


The Duchess “knows what outfits work best for her” and dresses in a specific way if she is going to be photographed at events – adding volume to her bottom half – which is more flattering, explains Robinson.

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“She has a slim figure, so her dresses and outfits usually accentuate the top half of the body and are loose fitting from the waist downwards. This is not only flattering for Kates body shape but more comfortable when sitting and gives photographs movement and life when walking,” she adds.


As for when she’s in the limelight, the Duchess does three things to make herself look more photogenic, Robinson reveals.

The Duchess of Cambridge often wears clothing which adds volume to her bottom half. [Photo: Getty]

Her number one trick is that she always faces the camera side on when photographs are being taken.

“This way the face looks slimmer and the jaw line is accentuated,” says Robinson. “She is rarely photographed front on, which can cause loss of definition in the face in photographs.”

Furthermore, the Duchess always makes sure she smiles in public. “This brings energy and warmth to her photographs,” says Robinson.

Kate also maintains perfect posture. “Smiling is infectious and encourages the photographer to keep snapping until they get the perfect shot,” Robinson concludes.

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