Kate Middleton prepared for her future role as Queen

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Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (Image Source: Instagram)
Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (Image Source: Instagram)

London [UK], January 9 (ANI): As she turned 39 years old on Saturday, it became apparent that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who was once merely a mild-mannered college graduate, is ready for her role as the future Queen.

According to E! News after almost a decade of officially accepting her post, Kate has more than proved her worth as a senior royal while deftly filling the void left by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle's swift departure. She has carved out her space in the areas of early education, child development and mental health awareness, proving she's ready to embrace the role that awaits her in the future.

For years she was viewed as Prince William's soft-spoken, mild-mannered college sweetheart. But now after a decade she's done with that and is committing herself to foster real change in the nation and the world at large by mastering the art of the walkabout.

As per E! News, describing the duchess, a source said, "If she needs to step up to the plate, she does it--and she always has."

"You see it more and more. The young student has turned into our future Queen."

Before the titles, the 20 some odd patronages and the crash course in security protocols, Kate was an accessories buyer that Queen Elizabeth II fretted wasn't up for such a blue-blooded existence. (ANI)