Kate Middleton turns 38! Kensington Palace releases new portrait

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Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kensington Palace, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Canada

‘Happy birthday Kate Middleton’, this is how the British royals greeted the Duchess of Cambridge and yes, it is all over social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Reports from the UK indicate that her family members had reached Kensington Palace for her birthday celebrations. Meanwhile, reports from the UK show that Meghan flew back to Canada, which leaves Prince Harry to tackle the ‘abdication’ crisis.

The buzz is that Meghan is likely to stay in Canada with Archie, their eight-month-old son who had been left with the nanny. An insider reportedly told the UK’s Daily Mail that the development is best termed as ‘astonishing’, given that Queen Elizabeth has directed the family members to come out with a solution in the next coming weeks.

Amidst the brewing Megxit crisis triggered by Prince Harry and wife Meghan’s announcement that took the world by surprise, Kate Middleton is quietly celebrating her 38th birthday with her family and the members of the British royal family, who have taken to social media with heartwarming images to mark the special occasion with warm greetings and thoughtful wishes. Notably, most photos of the day show Kate Middleton alongside Queen Elizabeth.

Notably, Prince Charles and Camilla shared a message on their Instagram account, marking a heartwarming four photo slideshow with images of Camilla and Kate Middleton, Charles and Prince William.

On Instagram, Kate and William shared a photo of the Duchess to mark her special birthday, where she is seen sporting a simple yet style look, with a caption that thanked everyone for the ‘lovely’ birthday messages that have been shared with her. Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle also left a comment on Kate Middleton’s post, wishing her a very happy birthday.

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The previous day, Prince Harry’s announcement of stepping back caught the British monarchy off guard and by complete surprise. Social media erupted with posts appreciating and criticizing the royal couple for their decision and some posts have gone on to question the ‘relevance’ of the British monarchy in changing times.

Kate Middleton is known to be associated with several activities that embrace an inclusive approach to problem-solving. She has been a campaigner on several mental health campaigns and promotes outdoor sports with a passion.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s welfare-oriented activities is documented and highlighted on the official website of the UK royal family. In March 2018, Kate Middleton also became the first royal patron of London’s iconic Victoria and Albert Museum, reflecting her avid interest in the visual arts including photography, textiles and designs.