Kate Winslet's Underwater Pic From Avatar 2 Sets Looks Stunning

Rajat Tripathi
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James Cameron's Avatar enjoyed the status of the highest-grossing film of all time until it was dethroned by Avengers: Endgame. But, Cameron might earn the spot back with the upcoming sequel of the film, Avatar 2, which is being shot back to bak with Avatar 3. The shooting of the movie was delayed because Cameron had to develop a new technology that will help him capture the motion of the actors seamlessly underwater. Not a new thing for the director as for Avatar, too, he had to develop a new kind of camera. Majority of Avatar 2 will be set underwater. Kate Winslet Birthday Special: Simple But Stunning, that's the Style Mantra She Swears By (View Pics).

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The actors of the film, including Titanic star Kate Winslet, had to undergo intense training to be able to shoot underwater for long periods of time. The actress said in an interview that she got so good at it that she held her breath for a little over seven minutes while shooting.

Giving weightage to Kate's words, the makers of the film have released a behind-the-scenes pic of the actress shooting underwater. She is striking a pose with sort of an underwater cape. She's wearing the motion capture suit. The shot looks amazing even before an iota of CGI applied to it. Avatar 2 will be a breakthrough, it seems. Kate Winslet Birthday Special: Five Movies Of The Academy Award Winning Actress You Must Watch Apart From Titanic.

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Check Out The New Pic From Avatar Shoot Here:

Producer Jon Landau has said, "We built a water tank that was 500,000 gallons of water, and we are doing performance-capture under the water, on the surface of the water, and above the water. We trained our cast to free-breath-hold, because in the sequences they have to just be swimming, they can't be on scuba, and they have to be able to do long takes."