Katherine Ryan’s dermatologist, Dr. Nina Bal, talks on trends in the medical aesthetic industry

Celebrities live demanding lives and are constantly in the public eye. They must be camera-ready at a moment’s notice, while also ensuring that they have the stamina to meet the obligations of a demanding schedule. Beauty trends will forever remain a hot topic among the celebrity crowd, but how they impact the consumer is even more telling. Comedian, writer and actress Katherine Ryan knows this all too well, and is known to seek out the best beauty experts in the industry.

Due to the advent of social media and the availability of camera phones, the demanding life of a celebrity is evolving into a 24/7 gig. Looking perfect is no longer enough, a celebrity has to look elite and glamorous. Feeling good and maintaining optimal wellness ensures that a celebrity can meet the demands of the industry today.

A beautiful smile and perfect skin start on the inside, and today’s top trends include combining health and wellness with beauty. Gone are the days of sacrificing your health for the perfect look. When it comes to beauty, cosmetics, preventative care, and plastic surgery, consumers are no longer willing to compromise.

Katherine Ryan’s dermatologist is Dr. Nina Bal, a pioneer in the business, who has combined all the aspects of health management into one practice, and offers the perfect all-rounder solution to achieve a top notch look and feel. A native of Italy, Dr. Bal now resides in London, she is a cosmetic dentist, facial aesthetics doctor, and TV personality. In fact, she was also selected to appear in four episodes of the series Bodyfixers.

What separates Dr. Bal from your regular dentist and facial aesthetics doctor is her passion for helping patients become the best version of themselves. Dr. Bal explains, "I dreamed of becoming a doctor since I was a little girl, and I always had a big passion for beauty, aesthetics, and fashion. So I combined my biggest passions into the best career I could have ever wished for." After graduating magna cum laude, she quickly made a name for herself in the field, as her client list grew due to her unique view towards health and aesthetics.

Nina understood rather quickly that beauty trends were adapting to consumer needs and not the other way around. Disappointed with the false promises being touted in the beauty industry, she built a practice based on the concept of maintaining complete transparency with her clients. She achieved this by offering an organic approach towards aesthetics, and it paid off. With her clients regaining not only a restored appearance but also restored health, she became one of the most sought after and recognized doctors in the UK.

Coming from a small town in the Italian Alps, Nina is proud of her long journey to success. Making health a priority in her business approach has earned her many awards, including being named one of the best young dentists in the UK in 2017, she also won the Facial Aesthetics category at the 2018 Aesthetic Dentistry Awards. Dr. Bal resides in the UK and is a happily married mother of two. She believes that her clients are her driving force, and her goal is to build a trusted presence in an industry that desperately needs it.