Katran Review: This Short Film Starring Piyush Mishra Is Sweet And Endearing


Relationships now a days is on the verge of falling apart with just one argument and here we have an elderly couple who has spent half their lifetime together but it’s just now at their old age, they decide to separate.

Starting off with an endearing, sweet but grey emotions, Katran stars Piyush Mishra and Alka Amin as the elderly couple making us believe they are like any other couple aging with time.

Piyush Mishra is an actor with such finesse, he does it with so much effort but it all looks so effortless. The man’s simplicity is his USP, it makes us believe in the character.

Alka Amin is an amazing artist, she has delivered beautifully as the lead opposite Piyush Mishra and certain nuances of her character was so apt and natural that we don’t realize we are watching a film.

The movie directed by Prem Singh is a tribute to detailing in cinema and the shots have been well choreographed. The movie as revealed by the director, is shot in two days. However the prep surely must be a lot more days than that and it shows.

Watch it here:

The movie has a heart touching end which is for the audience to understand and feel but for me the ending was of peace and love between the couple, it can be in their separation or in their realization that they cannot stay apart from each other as they are concerned for each other.

The most important aspect in the movie is that love is an unsaid emotion, it’s a concern, its a feeling which we cannot erase, it is always written more bold and dark with passing time.

It’s only blurred when two people fall out of love. Watch Katran to understand a little more about love and relationship.

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