Katrina Kaif Confesses That She Wanted To MARRY Ranbir Kapoor But Now She Doesn't STRESS About It!

Swikriti Srivastava

Katrina Kaif was in a serious relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but now, they're no more together and the latter is in relationship with Alia Bhatt. Whereas, Katrina is busy focusing more on her work than her love life. Recently, while promoting her upcoming film, Zero, Katrina Kaif talked to Mumbai Mirror and spoke about if 'marriage and children' are on her mind or not and here's what she has to say..

Katrina Says ‘Marriage’ Was Indeed On Her Mind

Hinting at her past relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif said, "It was on my mind but it didn't work out and you have to keep following the path set for you in life. Idon't stress about it now. I fought that battle and am at peace with the fact that some things didn't turn out the way I had hoped for."

Katrina Further Adds..

"Now, I've left it to the universe and to God because I'm sure there's a bigger hand that shapes your destiny. What's happened to me so far has been unusual and fascinating, and I can't take credit for all of it. So, whoever is responsible, will look out for me in the future too.

Katrina Is All Positive For ‘Love’

"I know love will come to me at the right time when I least expect it. I could drop a book at the airport and as I bend down to pick it up, someone else goes down on his hunches too, to help me. I would look up, our eyes would lock and in that instant... (Clicks her fingers) love would happen!"

Katrina On Her Work Front & Re-union With Salman

"It came unexpectedly but I didn't look at it with any prejudice or pre-conceived thoughts. I told Ali, "We all know the situation and you know what's best for us to do here." He responded saying, "You just tell me your instinct on the script, then we'll talk about it."

Here’s How Bharat Fell Into Katrina’s Lap

"He's a dear friend, we've worked together, yet he didn't come to narrate the story to me. He sent the script across because he wanted me to react to the material and not get influenced by our personal equation. I immediately fell in love with the story and am excited to be a part of the journey."

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