This is how you can make Katrina Kaif’s favourite Keto-friendly salmon

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Breaking down of fats to be used as a primary source of energy helps the body to shed extra weight. (Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Bollywood celebrities are hooked to the Keto diet and Katrina Kaif figures on this list too. In this YouTube video, Chef Mohit Savargaonkar of Pod Supply spills the beans about the Bharat actor's seafood preferences. Giving out a step-by-step guide of Kaif's favourite Norwegian salmon dish made with fresh green stir-fried veggies and hollandaise sauce, the chef shows how the actor maintains such washboard abs.

According to a study ‘Long-term effects of a Ketogenic diet in obese patients’ published by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), it is safe to use a Ketogenic diet for a longer period of time than previously demonstrated.

Here's how you can make salmon fish:

In the Keto diet, sticking to a low-carb regime kill your appetite in a good way. As we know, hunger is a major side-effect that ruins every kind of diet plan where food intake is reduced for weight loss. In Keto, you don’t consume less but avoid carbs and make sure fats are broken down to generate energy, thus helping the body shed the extra weight.

This Keto-friendly meal is low on spices and carbs, and high on flavour and greens. The chef also recommends local alternatives for a budget-friendly version.

Here's why this recipe is apt for people looking for simple Keto dishes

* Salmon - Salmon is rich in protein as well as healthy fat, both of which play an important role in rebuilding muscles. Each salmon serving is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is known to help fight inflammation, increase blood flow to muscles, reduce muscle soreness and combat swelling.

* Asparagus - It’s been long used for herbal healing purposes for its potent medicinal properties. The vegetable is low in calories and high in proteins, besides being a source of minerals, especially potassium.

* Egg - Protein is the most important building block of muscles, and adding a few sources of protein like eggs to your diet may help reduce the danger of developing DOMS. One can also get important vitamins and minerals, precisely vitamins A, E and K along with vitamin B through regular consumption of egg. Eggs are also an amazing source of leucine, which is associated with muscle recuperation.