Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom's latest picture with pet dog is unmissable

Washington D.C.: After delivering a power-packed performance in India, Katy Perry is giving major couple goals with her fiancee Orlando Bloom.

The 35-year-old pop-star and Bloom were on a FaceTime video call together when Perry couldn't help but share a cheeky snap from their video date, reported Fox News.

"Together our initials are O.K. and that's what it's gonna be [?]," Perry captioned the picture in which the distant pair are seen cuddling their nearly-identical pet poodles as the songstress flashes her engagement ring to the camera.

Perry and Bloom have been on the fast track to marriage since getting back together in 2017--the 'American Idol" judge pointed out the fact during a July interview where she discussed one of her recent singles, 'Harleys in Hawaii,' a record the singer said was inspired by Bloom during a recent trip to the tropical island where the pair rented a Harley Davidson motorcycle to explore the region.

"We rented a Harley because we were just there for a few days. You know, be on the back of a motorcycle in Hawaii and just let the airflow on your face," Perry said on the Zach Sang Show in July.

"It's so beautiful. It was awesome," she said. "But I can remember specifically where I was, the street corner I was at in Oahu and turning that corner and whispering to Orlando, going 'I'm going to write a song called 'Harleys in Hawaii.'"

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