KBC 11: Despite having two lifelines, Abinash Kumar gives wrong answer on Amitabh Bachchan's show

Hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, Kaun Banega Crorepati season 11 has reached its climax with the second last episode aired last night, on Thursday.

This season saw 4 crorepatis and few of the most exciting contestants throughout. However, Abinash Kumar Mohanty from Orissa who sat on the hot seat last night had the most interesting game to play.

While Abinash had a very impressive run in the show with minimum usage of lifelines, his fortune seemed to be affected by bad luck. He used just one lifeline to reach the question providing Rs 12,50,000. However, it got him thinking a lot and he decided to use the second lifeline, the audience poll, which unfortunately wasn't a wise decision.

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The question which made him use a lifeline was, ‘Which cricketer holds the distinction of scoring the first overseas Test century for India?’ answer being Syed Mushtaq Ali.

It happens rarely in the show that the audience is wrong, and this time, it happened. Despite having two lifelines to spare, and one of the most important being the expert's advice, Abhinash still walked away with Rs 3,20,000.

Earlier, Kumar revealed on the show that even after being highly qualified, he has been jobless for over 4 years since he wants to work for the government and not a private company.

KBC will see entrepreneur, author and a social worker, Sudha Murthy participating for the last Karamveer special episode of the season. We will witness her sharing incidents from the first time she met her husband, Narayan Murthy to all the volunteer work that she does. While Big B will be seen taking her autograph in the episode.

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