Keep stress at bay with these calming shades

Here are some calming hues that one can consider when it comes to reducing stress and creating good vibes around the home. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock Images)

Stress, anxiety and depression have lately become synonymous with today’s fast and furious lifestyles, eventually taking a toll on peoples’ wellbeing. While there are numerous remedies to this problem, there is also an alternative psychological solution, which can bring some respite to the magnifying population of stressed individuals - colours. Evidently, both our mind and body react differently to seeing colours, and using the right shades of paint in home backgrounds can be a great way to keep stress levels under check.

You should know that colours can have a significant positive impact on us, emotionally, physically and psychologically. For instance, after going through a bustling day overloaded with short deadlines, walking into a living room that welcomes you with comfy cloud-like bean bags and a soft shade of calming blue on the background can certainly lighten up anyone’s mood and keep stress at bay.

Here are some calming hues that one can consider when it comes to reducing stress and creating good vibes around the home: 


A classic colour widely hailed by today’s generation, blue has the power to calm a busy mind and rejuvenate the soul. One of the best stress management tools, this colour contains a large volume of cool elements that can gradually put anyone to sleep. This also makes it an ideal colour for the living area, and especially for bedrooms. To benefit from its soothing effect, one can always go for the right shade of blue to revel in a life free of stress.


Having a deep connect with Mother Nature, green too is part of the same family and ensures comfort to everyone present around it. Popular for its soothing nature, it can cut down anxiety levels by infusing harmony in the minds of people and turning them refreshed again. So if you are planning to experience the magic of green, paint your home interiors with pale-yellow greens or you can also go with beige greens to introduce happiness to your family.


Although pink has been perennially believed to be a feminine colour, such conventional mindsets are dramatically changing with people increasingly preferring it for their home interiors. Apart from beauty, this magical colour is known for promoting peacefulness and igniting positive vibes in the room. To go ahead, one can decorate walls with soft dusty shades of pink or the millennial pink with beige undertones, and witness themselves how these right mixes soothe their home environment.


Known for liveliness and energy, there is something very positive about this bright colour. Various studies say that rooms painted with a shade of yellow make people more active and conscious in decision making. While bright yellows can make your mind run faster, a lighter tone of this colour can do exactly the opposite. Entering a room painted with soft yellow can make you relaxed as if you are being sun beamed. Trust me there is no better feeling ever. It certainly gives one a “feel good” factor to have yellow in the background.

So, try this colour therapy by painting your home interiors with the right mix of the aforementioned shades and remove the ‘stress’ stains from life to make it worthwhile, once again.