Tips to keep your makeup from melting in summer

Sweat-proof your look so that smudged and streaked makeup is a thing of the past.

Avoid oil-free moisturisers
Summer is the time to switch to light moisturisers that are water-based. So use an oil-free moisturiser in your morning routine. Oil-based moisturisers tend to be heavy, couple that with the humidity and you’ve got a base that’s difficult for makeup to stick to.
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Same goes for sunscreens
Sunscreen is a must when you’re stepping out in the sun, but opt for oil-free formulas, as those with oil can be heavy and likely to make you sweat. By going with oil-free sunscreen you’re increasing your makeup’s staying power while battling the harsh effects of the sun.
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Invest in a good primer
We suggest you make primer a must in your makeup routine. It softens wrinkles, giving you a smooth canvas and really helps to hold makeup in place. Don’t worry, adding a primer won’t feel like a heavy additional layer.

Don’t forget the eye primer
Prep your eyelids with an eye primer before applying any makeup. This will give your makeup a base to cling to for longer, thereby minimise creasing and increasing staying power.
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Ease up on the makeup
Summer is the time to go light on makeup and avoid heavy products. Invest in light formulations, as they will prevent caking and creasing. Consider using a tinted moisturiser instead of a heavy foundation for everyday makeup. And skip the concealer if you really don’t need it. This way there’s less makeup to slide around.
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Opt for cream eyeshadows
Choose cream eyeshadows in the summer as they blend well and don’t given a cake-y look. You can then layer a powder eyeshadow on top. If you must use just a powder eyeshadow, dampen your eyeshadow brush before application.
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Skip the powder blush
Powdery blush formulas can wear off and look a bit cake-y in humid weather. So choose cheek stains or cream blushes to get that vibrant, flushed look. Stains are a great option to increase longevity and save you the need for frequent touch-ups.

Stock up on oil blotting sheets
Oil blotting sheets are very handy during humid and sweaty weather. Keep some in your bag and bring them out whenever you feel your face getting oily. Dab them on the oily spots to remove the extra sheen without disturbing your makeup.
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Choose the right setting spray
The final step in your summer routine is spritzing on some setting spray. This will keep your makeup in place, prevent streaking, and seal in your look. Hold the bottle a few inches away and spritz a few times over your entire face.
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