Keeping score of gender inequalities

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<span>Photograph: Harry Trump/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Harry Trump/Getty Images

It isn’t surprising that women are getting such a raw deal and feeling left out during the pandemic (UK working mothers are ‘sacrificial lambs’ in coronavirus childcare crisis, 24 July). Priti Patel is the only woman in the upper echelons of the government. Where it matters, there’s virtually no one to speak up for women and little recognition of the huge contribution they make to the country’s economy.
Dr Sylvia Dunkley

• Unlike Margaret Waddy (Letters, 27 July), my early cricketing experience was of my twin brother being allowed in the exciting score box as my dad played, while I was expected to help my mam make the sandwiches. My angry refusal led to the first stirrings of feminism and an abiding dislike of cricket.
Dyllis Wolinski
Mossley, Greater Manchester

• Apart from the difficulty of obtaining ingredients (Letters, 26 July), is anyone else keeping an eye on Yotam Ottolenghi’s garlic score in Feast? The previous record I noted was 26 cloves over three recipes, but he surpassed himself last week with 35 cloves. Any hope of recipes with no garlic for those of us whose digestive systems can’t cope with it?
Gill Jackson
Etchingham, East Sussex

• When we moved to Huyton near Liverpool in the early 1960s our grocers had not heard of garlic.
Joyce Blackledge
Formby, Merseyside

• In this “post-truth” world I welcomed your confession that “two moths … were five-spot burnets, not the six-spot variety as the caption said” (Corrections and clarifications, 24 July). Thank you for coming clean.
Joan Higgins

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