Kejriwal Showed Helplessness by Attacking Pvt Hospitals: Cong on AAP Govt's Handling of Covid-19 Crisis

Hours after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal gave a stern warning to private hospitals over novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, the Congress described him as a helpless "Chief Minister" accusing him of misleading the people.

Delhi Congress chief Chaudhary Anil Kumar in a video statement said, "Kejriwal should immediately apologise to the people of Delhi. The way he was attacking the private hospital in the press conference and the way he was misleading the people of Delhi by accusing the private hospital, people of Delhi have witnessed the most helpless Chief Minister."

He accused Kejriwal of hiding his failures and taking the help of the "mobile app" to improve his image.

His remarks came after the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor in his press conference gave a stern warning to private hospitals over coronavirus patients. Kejriwal also said that the Delhi government has also decided to deploy health department officials in private hospitals to ensure availability of beds to each and every Covid-19 patient.

Kejriwal said, "All hospitals built on government land will have to treat corona patients. The government will take strict action against hospitals that refuse to treat such patients."

He accused some of the private hospitals in the national capital of black-marketing the beds during the COvid-19 pandemic. "I want to warn them that such a hospital will not be spared. Hospitals are built to get treatment, not to earn money," Kejriwal had said, adding, "Owners of many private hospitals are not giving space to corona patients in their hospitals because of their high reach. I want to tell everyone clearly that no such hospital will be spared at all."

However, the Chief Minister also praised most private hospitals, saying "Most private hospitals are serving the Delhiites in this hour of crisis, but a few selected hospitals are black marketing Corona Beds."

The Delhi Congress leader slamming the Chief Minister said, "It has been once again proved that Kejriwal is hiding the truth about the problems government hospitals are facing, the shortage of ventilators, people dying and the less number of beds available in government hospitals."

He said, "It is saddening and raises questions on the Delhi government."

Chaudhary Anil Kumar also targeted the AAP government over the much hyped Mohalla Clinics, one of the most ambitious project of the AAP government.

"Where are the Mohalla Clinics about which you boasted a lot around the world. Not even a single person is getting treatment at Mohalla Clinics," he added.

The Delhi government has been facing flak over the spike in the number of Covid-19 cases in the national capital.