Kellyanne Conway signals the GOP line on Mueller: He 'may be feeble'

Dylan Stableford
Senior Writer

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Thursday endorsed the emerging Republican talking point about Robert Mueller in the wake of his appearance before Congress, saying the former special counsel came across as “feeble” and that there was “no substance” to his testimony.

She was interviewed by conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, who said his “wonderfully softhearted wife could not watch” Wednesday’s testimony “because it was so uncomfortable to watch an obviously distressed Robert Mueller.”

Mueller, 74, testified for more than six hours in front of two House panels. He frequently asked lawmakers to repeat their questions, answered haltingly or with just one or two words, and offered no response to the harsh attacks on his integrity and impartiality by some of the Republican members who questioned him.

His testimony mostly just confirmed the findings of his 448-page report, which found numerous instances of contacts (if no chargeable conspiracy) between the Trump campaign and Russia and actions by the president that met the definition of obstruction of justice.

Kellyanne Conway and former special counsel Robert Mueller (Photos: Jacquelyn Martin/AP, Andrew Harnik/AP)

Hewitt said some media observers have used the term “feeble” to describe Mueller’s appearances, which, he said, left the impression that the former FBI director “had not been in charge of this investigation.”

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Conway said she agreed.

“I’m with your wife in this way: I am first and foremost who I will always be, which is a daughter, a mother,” Conway said. “And, of course, I feel great empathy and compassion for folks who, as some of these headlines suggest, may be feeble or not understanding some of the questions — asking them to be repeated, clearly not conversant with the facts and with his own report.”

But Conway also said those who are “focused on the optics and the theatrics” are “missing the point.”

“There was no substance,” she said. “The best actor in the world can’t perform if there is no good script, if there’s no plotline, if there’s no character development, if there’s no conclusion.”

“People were relying too heavily on Bob Mueller for years now to deliver on what they had promised,” Conway said. “They have been promising for years the wheels are coming off, the noose is tightening. Bob Mueller will be the undoing of Donald Trump, just wait and see. The embarrassment is far, wide and deep.”


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