Kerala Bus Driver's Licence Suspended for Allowing College Girls to Change Gears

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A bus driver in Kerala recently lost his driving licence for putting the lives of passengers in the vehicle in danger. According to a report, RTO (Regional Transport Office) suspended the driving licence of a bus driver for six months after they found him letting a couple of girls shift gears of the moving bus. The report mentioned that the bus was taking some college girls on a Kerala-Goa road trip. The video of the incident has been shared on Open Newser Wayanad News on its Facebook page and has since gone viral. In the 28-second video, two girls are sitting next to the bus driver changing gears turn by turn, with the driver instructing them as he drives the large vehicle. The girls are seen changing gears as and when they are directed by the bus driver. After the video of the incident got viral, RTO officials stepped in and suspended the driving licence of the bus driver for six months.

According to the report, the driver of the bus has been identified as M Shaji from Wayanad. Shaji was summoned by RTO (Enforcement) Biju James of RTO in Kalpetta. Shaji was interrogated after which his licence has been suspended for 6 months for 'reckless endangerment', the report said. Letting untrained co-passengers control the vehicle can be risky especially when the driver sees danger ahead and needs to bring the vehicle under control. Driving a vehicle as big as a bus is quite a task and the person on the driving seat needs to be extra cautious. The eligible age to get a driving licence in India is 18 years. People below the eligible age are not allowed to either drive the vehicle or even help one with a valid licence drive.