Kerry Katona: Katie Price has 'crossed the line' with latest cosmetic surgery

Chris Edwards
Katie Price (ITV)

Kerry Katona says her friend Katie Price may have “crossed the line” with her cosmetic surgeries, claiming she looks “awful”.

In her column for New! Magazine, the former Atomic Kitten singer expressed her shock after seeing the results of Price’s latest surgery.

Price has reportedly struggled with “gruesome wounds” following a facelift procedure, which involves the face being pulled taut after an incision is made along the hairline.

"Seeing pictures of my friend Katie Price after her recent surgery was pretty awful. Those wounds!” wrote Katona.

Katie Price (left) and Kerry Katona at a charity football match in April 2018. (Photo: Pete Norton/Getty Images)

"And her ears look really big. I imagine they're swollen from where the face gets pulled up, but, that said, the last time I saw her they looked weird.”

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Expressing concern for Price’s overall appearance, Katona warned her friend against having any more surgery done.

"I love Kate to bits but I think she's crossed the line,” Katona wrote. “She's beautiful but she's clearly got terrible insecurities. She needs to be careful now."

Katie Price is reportedly suffering from 'gruesome wounds' following a recent facelift (Photo: Red Quest)

Katona, who went underwent cosmetic surgery herself in 2008 when she had liposuction, said she is pleased she hasn’t had a similar experience to Price.

"Touch wood, I've been really lucky when it comes to stuff like that,” she wrote. “I've never had similar problems after a procedure, thank God."

Back in May, Price admitted that she looked like a “Space Invader” after one of her surgeries left her face swollen.

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The former glamour model told Good Morning Britain that her face was still swollen after she had her own fat inserted under her eyes.

On the amount of surgeries she has had, she said: “I think I’ve calmed it down. If you look back at pictures, I think it’s the ‘Dwight [Yorke, her ex] days’, I looked like a duck, I had my lips done. I think I looked horrific then.”