Kevin Feige feels like 'failure' when actors turn down Marvel movies

London, Dec 31 (PTI) Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says there have been times when he felt like a 'failure' after a prospective actor passed a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige, who has been at the helm of the MCU since 2007, said instead of wallowing in disappointment he resolves to cast an 'even better' actor.

'It happened the other day, with an actor. There's an actor we want for something, they come in, you give a big pitch and you can sort of tell they're not into it. (You think) 'I guess I'm a failure, I'll show them, we'll cast somebody even better',' Feige said at a Q&A at New York Film Academy.

The Marvel Studios honcho said such discussions are a part and parcel of the job and doesn't dwell on them after a point of time.

'So, it's just part of it and don't linger on them, is what I usually try to do, don't think too much about it, don't stew in it, move on quickly,' Feige added. PTI RDS SHD SHD