Kevin Smith finished writing ‘Mallrats 2’ script in quarantine

Los Angeles, Apr 27 (PTI) Filmmaker Kevin Smith put his time in quarantine to good use by finishing the screenplay for the sequel of ‘Mallrats”, his cult 1995 film.

Titled “Twilight of the Mallrats”, the film will see Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Smith in many of the director's movies, starting from his debut 'Clerks' in 1994, return.

'Thanks in part to the #Quarantine, I finally finished a funny first draft of ‘TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS’!... The #jayandsilentbob stuff is some of my favorite conceptual comedy I’ve ever written but the whole script is silly, sentimental and sweet. And at 98 pages, the story moves like a brakeless bullet train!,” Smith wrote on Instagram.

The filmmaker said many original characters from his romantic buddy comedy will also be back.

'25 years after the original, Brodie Bruce will be back for an unnecessary sequel set against the Mallpocalypse! Rene, Willam, Gwen, Brandy, T.S., Trish, Mr Svenning, LaFours and the rebooted @jayandsilentbob are the returning ‘Rats in an Askewniverse imagining about what happens when the sidewalk sales end, and ‘happily ever after’ is easier to say than live!,' he said.

With these various original characters returning, that means fans can hope to see the original film’s stars Shannon Doherty, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Joey Lauren Adams, Claire Forlani, Jeremy London, Renee Humphrey, and Sven-Ole Thorson return. PTI BK BK BK