Key to a Rapidly Growing Community - As Told By the Founder of International Breathwork School Soma Breath

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When faced with an autoimmune disease, former british pharmacist Niraj Naik found himself housebound. Modern medicine offered Naik to choose between cologne removal or being a test patient for a new drug. Being raised in a community of Indian immigrants in England, he had close ties with swami Ambikananda - the founder of Traditional Yoga Association. Swami offered an alternative path - the path of traditional healing practices, that included techique from Ayurveda and Pranayama. Following her suggestion, Naik chose to go inward and found the cure— which incorporated various breathing techniques based on ancient Pranayama and modern science along with music, dance, yoga, and meditation and dietary changes. After recovering, Niraj Naik felt inspired to share the findings with the world. He founded SOMA Breath - holistic school and community that thrives globally with its thousand-plus licensed instructors and a dedicated team. Their vision is to empower and inspire people with knowledge about “thyself”, tools, and plan to make healthy and lasting changes in their lives.

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After its launch in 2016, many practitioners have shared their experiences with SOMA Breathwork; they shared stories of eliminating chronic illness, stress reduction, and managing anxiety along with an increase in confidence and self-esteem, and awakening to their souls’ purpose and authentic self. The unique breathwork therapy matches the community of SOMA Breath. Each instructor is encouraged to create personalised solutions for their clients, by combining techniques from SOMA Breath’s library. Thanks to this approach, a large body of scientific evidence behind the techniques and the original upbeat music, used in all of the meditations, today SOMA Breath is thriving globally with widening success and impact.

Moreover, The SOMA Breath community is not led by a single “guru”, not even Naik himself. From the very beginning, he wanted to provide an equal opportunity to every person to empower themselves with the knowledge to and take charge of their own health. Any practitioner of SOMA Breath can train to become an instructor. It’s “one breath at a time” for anyone willing to take the chance of taking control of their mental and physical health. The whole tribe is like a family and is attracting more and more audiences globally.
“Despite everything that is going on in the world at the moment, SOMA is growing faster than ever as more and more people around the world are finding the space and time to pour into ‘holistic’, ‘mindful’ or ‘spiritual’ practices — whatever you want to call them”, says Niraj Naik, founder of Soma Breath; and we hope that the SOMA Team can achieve its objectives successfully.

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