Khaana Khazana? Brits Find Indian Cuisine the Most Difficult To Master

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British citizens find Indian cuisine the most difficult to master, found a study published on July 14 in a popular tabloid of the United Kingdom, The Mirror. Indian dishes hogged the top spot in terms of difficulty, followed by Chinese and Italian. The study which was conducted by London-based Tilda Publishing had around 2,000 participants. It was found that most British citizens tried their hands at global cuisines during the lockdown, which led to new revelations about their own culinary skills. Around 39% of the respondents to the survey said that they tried cooking Indian dishes at home, but with sizable setbacks such as getting rice stuck to the bottom of the pan, cooking rice incorrectly which led to the rice getting stodgy, or using more rice grains than necessary.

As per the report, mainly the youngsters in the age groups between 18-34 struggled with rice preparation.

“Cooking rice from scratch is a difficult skill to acquire,” said Anna Beheshti from Tilda Publishing. “However, incorporating rice in a dish can elevate your meal from good to great and allow Brits to explore cuisines from across the globe, from an aromatic biryani made with long Basmati grains to a flavoursome red curry soaked up with Jasmine rice,” she added.

There were a total of twenty dishes that made it to the ‘most difficult’ list. While Indian cuisine was voted the most difficult, German was considered the least difficult.

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