Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Contestant Adaa Khan: 'I Wouldn't Have Been On Social Media If I Was Not In This Industry'- EXCLUSIVE

TV Actress Adaa Khan, who is currently seen in the stunt-based reality show, Khatron Ke Khildai 10, recently spoke to us at length about her journey on the show. Amidst our chat, Adaa explained how as an actor things have changed for them from how it used to be- right from being on social media, to being regularly interactive with their fans

Talking to us exclusively she said, "I have never been social media friendly but now, I have to be active as my work demands it. I am in a profession where talking to fans and sending out messages is important. I have to interact and tell the world what I am doing. It has become like a responsibility where you have to be vocal about many things and give your opinions. If I would have not been in the industry, I would have not been on social media."

When asked if Adaa feels the pressure of getting certain number of followers on social media, she said, "I am a person who is content with what I have. I never compare myself with anyone in terms of who is growing and getting bigger than me in anyway, not just social media followers. Just like I am happy doing TV. There are people who come and tell me, 'vo wahan phauch gayi usne ye film karli' but it doesn't matter to me. I feel until and unless you are happy with what you doing and happy about it you will not get peace."


Adaa also added, "I love staying grounded and step out of the house like any other common person. Fans do come to meet me and take pictures but they don't harass you or make you feel uncomfortable. But yes, as a celebrity it is kind of important to be well-dressed and look presentable. Personally, I am very introvert but you have to behave in a certain way when you are not at home and between your fans and colleagues." 

Adaa, who started her career with show Palampur Express on Sony TV, has done shows like Behenein, Amrit Manthan, Piya Basanti Re, Comedy Nights Bachao, Naagin and Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara.

Image Source:- instagram/adaakhann

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