Kick Allergies to the Curb with ExACT Immunoplasty : Reports

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Springtime is just around the corner, which means a whole new host of allergens will fill the air and make allergy sufferers miserable. For many people, there is no reprieve from the nasty symptoms—sinusitis, stuffy head, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, and more. After the winter allergens vacate, it’s time for spring and summer to take their turns with more trees, plants, and flowers blooming. It’s a vicious cycle.

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Aspire Allergy & Sinus, however, is doing their part. With locations in Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas, this group of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants specialize in allergy relief. They are also incredibly excited to promote a game-changing procedure that’s helping chronic allergy sufferers find comfort like never before.

ExACT Immunoplasty is their groundbreaking solution to many of the issues allergy sufferers experience. First of all, it provides a level of relief not experienced by using some other allergy medications, such as over-the-counter products. Second, ExACT Immunoplasty is the most convenient form of allergy medication on the market today, requiring only three injections in total—and then, in most cases, your allergies are gone.

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Patient testimonial.

Like many allergy sufferers, Kristen Haddon was certain her allergy symptoms were something she would have to deal with forever. While some remedies lessened her symptoms, nothing gave her complete relief.

Originally from Oregon, her job moved her to Austin, Texas over 21 years ago. Kristen says the move was initially intended to be temporary—a couple of years at the most—yet one thing led to another, and the Lonestar State became her home.

But living in Texas brought challenges for Kristen’s allergies. Now, she suffered from new culprits in addition to her old and familiar ones. The cedar allergies were the main problem. Not only was this a new allergen, but it also came in the winter—a time Kristen would have usually had a little relief in Oregon.

After trying an array of over-the-counter medications and allergy drops and shots that left her feeling drowsy, Kristen was convinced nothing could control her allergies to where she could feel “normal”. Kristen admits that allergy shots worked the best. Still, they were extremely inconvenient because of her busy schedule and lots of travel. “It was really difficult to find the time to make appointments and go in once a week for the shots,” she said.

And then, Kristen heard about ExACT Immunoplasty. This innovative new solution to her pesky problem seemed convenient and timesaving, but would it work and provide the level of relief she desired?

ExACT Immunoplasty is a simple process for allergy sufferers that offers the opportunity to get rid of allergy symptoms for good. The process begins with an allergy test that identifies up to 58 allergens. Armed with this information, the Aspire Allergy & Sinus team of professionals identify the problem allergens. Then the patient proceeds with a series of three, customized injections over eight weeks.

Knowing a trial for this new medication was happening near her, Kristen felt it was worth trying. “For me, it’s the time benefit,” she said. “If I could get my allergies under control with just three injections total, that’s a game-changer. I was ready to sign up.”

ExACT Immunoplasty had phenomenal results in the trials, with the clinical studies reporting an impressive, long-term success rate. Those same clinical studies have shown ExACT Immunoplasty’s intralymphatic immunotherapy approach—shots administered into the inguinal lymph node in the upper-inner thigh—to be as effective as three years of allergy shots. For a busy professional like Kristen, it seemed too good to be true. However, she now enjoys exceptional relief, without the hassle of weekly injections.

Today, Kristen is symptom-free, and she owes it all to ExACT Immunoplasty by Aspire Allergy & Sinus. Once a chronic sinus infection and upper-respiratory infection sufferer, Kristen has never felt better. She can now enjoy life without allergy symptoms and no longer isolates herself inside during cedar season in Austin. And once a source of chronic irritation, Kristen is even enjoying her shelter dog much more.

Kristen has gone from thinking she’d never get relief, to living the life she always wanted. “I used to be miserable this time of year,” admitted Kristen. “Scratchy throat, unable to breathe, and avoiding the outdoors. Nose sprays and breathing treatments. That was my life. But this treatment has been nothing short of life changing. I haven’t gotten sick at all this year, and not one, single sinus infection! Frankly, I’m amazed.”
If you are at the end of your rope with allergies, there’s no reason to suffer any longer. Aspire Allergy & Sinus is available for you to reach out and see if ExACT Immunoplasty is right for you. This solution to your allergy problems might just kick your allergies to the curb, for good!