Kids Are Literally Breaking Skulls With This TikTok Challenge

The kids are at it again.

They are literally breaking each other's skulls with a new viral social media challenge called the SkullBreaker challenge.

The challenge first started on TikTok, whose predominant user base is of 16-to 24-year-olds. Here's what happens in the challenge:

Three participants stand side by side and start jumping. The two on the side put the third off balance by kicking him. He falls on the ground on his back. Since this is a 'prank', this person doesn't even know he is set up to be kicked by the other two.

Why is it Dangerous?

Because a free fall can lead to many injuries. From a ligament tear, to fracture of the hip, and even neck and brain injuries. And literally breaking the skill -- with a fracture.

At least one boy has been reported to be in ICU, as reported by The Sun, while another has had a wrist injury.

Which is why schools, parents and guardians should take this more seriously.

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