Kim Kardashian's Miami wardrobe included a dress so tight it's a wonder she's still alive

Laura Capon

From Cosmopolitan

The devil works hard, but the Kardashians work harder, as Kim just proved on her Miami mini-break.

Kim took her children North, Saint and Jonathan Cheban, to Miami for essentially one big fashion show and boy does that woman know how to put on a show.

First up was this vintage yellow Versace mini dress, which reminded me of another vintage Versace dress Kim wore back in May.

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Letting her dress and her banging body do the talking, it wasn't long before Kim slipped into something a little less comfortable for a yacht trip.

When I say something a little less comfortable, I mean a bright pink Chanel leotard, that wouldn't look out of place on Mr Motivator himself.

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We're all guilty of packing more clothes than we need whenever we go on holiday - I can't be the only one guilty of going overzealous on the pants in case of an accident - but Kim really does take it the extreme.

That's because for her third outfit in 24 hours, Kim squeezed herself into this skintight metallic, pleather dress and I'm chafing just looking at it tbh.

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How do you even get into something like that? It's like Ross' leather trousers, but a thousand times harder.

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Kim paired her look with a neon green wig, which is very 2017 Kylie Jenner, and a neon green Lamborghini... Which she somehow managed to lower her body down and climb into.

Who said miracles don't exist?

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