Kim Kardashian gets 5-year restraining order against man who sent her disturbing package

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Kim Kardashian (Image Source: Instagram)
Kim Kardashian (Image Source: Instagram)

Washington [US], July 9 (ANI): American reality TV star Kim Kardashian will have a court-ordered force field around her for 5-years to deter an obsessed fan who allegedly showed up to her home on multiple occasions and sent her a disturbing package containing a diamond ring and a 'Plan B'.

According to TMZ, Kim filed documents against Nicholas Costanza, on Wednesday. In the legal documents, she claimed that Costanza is the person who disturbingly shipped Plan B pills and an engagement ring to her home earlier this month, a package that was intercepted by Kim's security team.

Attorney Shawn Holley filed the legal documents for the reality TV star. Kim accused Costanza of showing up to her property a handful of times this year, including once in February, and then again in late May. She claimed that he sprung up at her gated community, telling guards he was there to pick her up for dinner on one occasion.

TMZ has learnt that in the legal documents, Kim further added that Costanza has been obsessing over her online as well, "posting a bogus marriage cert and other bizarre messages".

A judge agreed with Kim's concerns and granted her 5-year restraining order on Friday (local time). According to the order, Costanza will have to stay at least 100 yards away from the reality star and also refrain from contact.

On a related note, this ain't the first alleged stalker against whom Kim has been granted a restraining order. Earlier, she filed for and received a separate restraining order against another man who was allegedly harassing her online. (ANI)

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