Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kendall Or Kylie Jenner In Short Hair – Who Has Got The Top Bob?

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The Kar-Jenner sisters are top trendsetters, from hair to makeup to costumes and accessories, there's no match for their style prowess. The ladies have flaunted short hair, the quintessential bob, atleast once in the recent times getting a thumbs up from us. Kim, the ultimate fashionista likes it poker straight and jet black, so does her half sister, Kendall. Kylie too channels the Matrix hair. 

Meanwhile, Khloe keeps it very blonde and very pixie. Her outta bed curls are a stark contrast to her sisters. Coming back to where we started - who rocked the top bob? Well, it's hard to pick one when you have a bunch of gorgeous women to choose from. All four divas look impeccably crisp and fashion-forward in their looks but we do tend to gravitate towards Kylie. Why you ask? Well, the short hair hugs her high cheekbones just the right way, making her look all sorts of cool. 

While the netizens paint a pretty unanimous picture, it’s Kim Kardashian bagging the top honours for having the top bob for them. Comments range from, “Kim Kardashian, my queen. Period!” to “Kim Kardashian always,” making Kanye West’s wife, the undisputed winner. 

Meanwhile, the K sisters have been keeping themselves busy posting yummy throwback pictures during lockdown, making fans go weak in the knees. Tune into their Insta accounts for some quarantine relief, you guys and remember to stay indoors and stay safe. Let’s battle COVID 19 together! 

Image Source:- instagram/kuwtk

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