Kim Kardashian kicks off 40th birthday celebrations

Kimberley Bond
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Kim Kardashian is starting celebrations for her big 4-0 in true Kardashian style – by posting about it on social media.

The reality TV star, who turns 40 on Wednesday October, 21 is prepping for her big day by announcing a new make-up palette for her beauty range KKW Beauty.

The Opalescent Collection will launch at 10:46am on the day, marking the exact date and time Kardashian was born.

The star was also hoping to host a big bash typical of the Kardashians for her 40th, however has found her plans scuppered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Kim is going to go all out for her 40th (Kim Kardashian)
Kim is going to go all out for her 40th (Kim Kardashian)

Kardashian was prepared to go all out for the big day, telling Grazia: “It was going to be called Wild, Wild Miss West’s 40th Birthday. I had Manfred Thierry Mugler make me a metal costume. Like, a cowgirl costume.

“I have it and it is insane. We did virtual fittings. I don’t even want to waste it on a party me for myself with five people. I want it to be something. So, I’m thinking maybe next year. I can have it on my 41st. We can still call it my 40th, right?”

Kardashian, who has recently faced difficulties in her marriage to Kanye West after the rapper faced a very public battle with his mental health, added she has no qualms about getting older.

Kim's birthday has been delayed (Kim Kardashian )
Kim's birthday has been delayed (Kim Kardashian )

“I obviously do what I can to try and feel as youthful or to look a certain way,” she said. “But I’m proud that my kids get me here another year.

“I always think about that. Particularly losing your dad or a parent or someone close to you at a young age."

The news comes after the family's reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians was cancelled after over 14 years on air.

While some thought it was indicative of family tensions, Kardashian herself has set the record straight, saying they all just needed "a break."

"We just need a minute to regroup," she said. "We have kids now. And they need us. There’s so much going on that, even just for a minute we need a break.”

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