Kimberly Lynch on Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

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Can you give us a brief background about yourself? What does your work entail?

I have been involved with alternative modalities for over 20 years and founded Natural Balance LLC in 2015. I spent much of my life exhausted and unable to find my sanity among my work, my family and all the other routines in my life. The tipping point came when my middle daughter fell ill and we had exhausted options offered according to the western model. This forced me to look to complementary modalities opening my eyes to a whole new world.

I discovered the power of the mind and how old patterns and habits are based off of old stories generating limiting beliefs, which negatively affect us. Further, reprogramming the subconscious mind to run new patterns allows us to break out of old ones and create a new mindset for our highest good.

Humans are energetic beings. By shifting our energy and channeling it to flow efficiently through our bodies, the body will balance and do what it was naturally designed to do – heal.

Studying food, I recognize that a significant portion of the common American diet contains foods that cause inflammation, in turn inhibiting the body in its ability to heal. Stress and inflammation are closely linked to many disease processes we are seeing and experiencing today. I have learned techniques and tools that aid in the reduction of stress and minimize inflammation and pain as well as boost energy naturally.

Along this journey, I have also focused on my spiritual connection, recognizing the fact that we are all interconnected as quantum physics shows us. Getting in touch with something bigger than myself, I realized that this work could dramatically influence the health of my friends, family and people everywhere.

I am grateful about the knowledge I have obtained and can now share with others, providing guidance, support, and tools to transform lives. As a stress management specialist and spiritual healer, I supply people tools to allow their mind, body and spirit to do what they were meant to do naturally.

I am the holistic guide to stay at home moms, wellness enthusiasts, medical professionals, and those who have exhausted options in the western model. I show clients exactly how to create new habits and remove limiting beliefs so they can heal themselves and experience true balance.

Tell us something about your stress management sessions. What are some of the major takeaways for anyone attending your sessions for the first time?

I guide clients to taking charge of their health and find balance. The sessions are interactive and clients begin to shift as we work through the processes of reprogramming the subconscious mind and also creating new patterns in the physical body.

Many of the modalities that I employ aid in reducing inflammation and restoring energetic flow, which in turn reduces physical pain. We also work through breathing techniques and identify physical areas of opportunity. I coach people to take control over their emotions. We must be mindful of standing in our truth and not base our emotions on the actions of others. I invite people to consider the interconnectedness of humanity. We are all entwined and the energy that we expend affects others just as the energy that they expend affects us. If someone wants and is willing to make a change in their patterns, I provide them with the tools to do just that. As we bring the body back into balance, the various systems work together synergistically and operate at a higher level.

Many clients report feeling energized and experience less fatigue and/or brain fog. People may feel clarity of mind and improved focus. They may also feel reduction in pain throughout their body and a sense of ease. Many clients report better sleep and lucid dreams. The stress melts out of their field as they shift into a new dynamic in which they are in control of how they show up in every situation. This brings with it a sense of strength and peace.

How do you empower people to create a fine mind-body-spirit balance in their lives?

Each person is unique. I value each client’s experiences and perception of the world and meet them where they are in their life journey. I guide them to redefine their life. Step one is to teach them in recognizing that we are on autopilot much of the time. This is normal but many times our autopilot simply keeps us comfortable and in safe mode but keeps us from being our best. We run old patterns based off of old stories and can run through life without even realizing what we are doing.

We have a daily “morning routine” that we run through and find ourselves completing the day before we even realize what has happened. We run these same automatic patterns when we deal with relationships and other interactions. We have the power to change this.

The next step is to encourage my client to realize that they are in their current situation due tothe decisions that they have made. I continue to help them understand that even though they cannot always control their environment, they can control their behavior.

Stress comes with every job and every business. What important factors one must keep in mind to curb stress in the worst situations?

We cannot always be in control of what is going on around us. However, we are always in control of how we show up. One can be in any state of mind at any time. Giving our power away and letting someone else control our emotions is a choice. We also have the choice to take back our power and not let others trigger us into losing our control.

Emotions affect our physical body. By taking the time to work on yourself and re-pattern your reactions, you empower yourself to maintain control over your mental and physical health.

What are some of the services your business has to offer?

As a certified Life and Success Coach, I help people identify opportunities for growth and set goals to achieve this. I work with people using various stress reduction methods like Quantum Biofeedback, light therapy, guided meditation and sound healing. I also guide clients in removing limiting beliefs and re-writing patterns by using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TIME Techniques and hypnotherapy. I guide people to balance spiritually by connecting to source with prayer, laying of hands and shifting energy as a Reiki master and teacher.

Your clients must have had some incredible experiences after taking your sessions. Would you like to share any of those with our readers?

I have my life back! After two my two kids moved out of the house, I thought I’d have more energy. However, I still felt exhausted and anxious every day. Working with Kimberly has completely transformed me! I now have so much more energy and feel confident instead of anxious. I am now a better parent, wife and human over all!


Kimberly made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. She helped me to get to the root of my problem quickly to relieve all of the stress and anxiety in my relationships. I walked away with a completely different perspective!


I appreciate how comfortable Kimberly made me feel. I have a whole new outlook and feel so much better!


I feel so motivated and I’m taking action!


How has the success of your business affected your personal life and your mindset?

I am grateful to say that my business has allowed me to put into practice all that I believe in. I am constantly striving to be the best model of what I teach. Having a successful business has allowed me to spend my time with like-minded people as I am in a community of healers who all strive to serve and support others to achieve their best life. I have a mindset of continuously improving myself and strive to embody compassion and forgiveness and show up at my best in any circumstance.

What does your everyday schedule look like? What is your everyday mantra?

By continuously working to improve myself, I have daily practices that allow me to keep a balanced mindset and show up and be present for my family, friends and clients. I have a daily practice of prayer, meditation and breathing as well as exercise and a balanced eating plan.

In addition, I employ acupuncture, chiropractic work, quantum biofeedback, light therapy, reiki, bodywork and homeopathic remedies that allow support for my mind and body along the journey.

My mantra is…I am compassionate, I am balanced, I am peaceful, I forgive others, and myself, I know where I can serve.

To someone going through a rough phase, what suggestions or advice would you like to offer?

I would encourage people to consider committing to shifting their patterns by taking a hard look at why they are in their current situation and what they need to work on to create new patterns and change. Unless we take the time to work on ourselves and interrupt our auto pilot patterns, we will end up in the same situation over and over in our personal and work relationships.

I would also encourage them to consider forgiveness of themselves and others as this may allow them to truly be free.

What next can we see coming from you in the near future?

In May, I will release the “Balanced Mom Program”. This program will empower moms who are exhausted and have lost themselves in caring for others. It gives them the tools that they need to reclaim their identity and be a pillar of strength for themselves and their family.

It also shows them how to remove limiting beliefs and re-pattern their mind to allow them to show up as their best self in any situation. This empowers them to model the behaviors and patterns that they want for their children.

Where all can our audience find your work?

My Instagram is: Naturalbalancellc

My Facebook is:


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