Kirsten Dunst says she's down to do a 'Bring It On' reboot

Kylie Mar
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Kirsten Dunst, a.k.a. Torrance Shipman, stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden Wednesday night and revealed that she's totally down to revisit the Bring It On franchise with Gabrielle Union and, honestly, we just can't go on with our day without this becoming a reality.

Fans of the cult classic were already teased two weeks ago, when Dunst and Union reunited for a 2020 Rodarte Collection Portrait Series. Union tweeted: "Dare I say… we brought it,” while Dunst tweeted: "It's been brought."

On Wednesday, Corden shared a viral tweet, which pointed out that many of Dunst's films are being remade like Little Women, Spider-Man and Jumanji.

When Corden asked Dunst which of her films she thinks deserves a remake, Dunst replied, "Well, my thoughts are, ‘I wish I got some of the money from these remakes.’ My second thought is, ‘I feel like Gabrielle Union and I could be, like, good cheerleader coaches for Bring It On.’"

Dunst added that she is also willing to put it out into the world and let everyone vote on whether or not they should bring it back.

We're definitely going to need some movie producers to be aggressive, B-E aggressive, and make this happen. This is not a democracy. It's a cheer-ocracy.

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