Kisme Kitna Hai Kam: Calories of Diwali Snacks Ranked

Nope, not quinoa. Atta puri is what you are most likely gorging on this Diwali weekend.

Oh, and also matar paneer, jalebi, gulab jamun... you get the drift. But which of these comes with the MOST and LEAST calories of all? Find out here, as we go from the maximum to the minimum.

10. Coconut Barfi

100 grams of coconut barfi is basically two pcs. And that tiny indulgence could likely add 468 calories to your calorie bank!

It's not the only heavy-weight item in this list though. There's others as well.

9. Kaju Katli

4 pcs of Kaju katli, which is most people's favourite sweet of all, too comes laden with calories. Yes, we are talking 391 Cals!

8. Gulab Jamun

Who doesn't love gulab jamuns? After all, they are so sweet. But after finding out how many calories they come with, your relationship with it might just become bittersweet. Yes, we are talking 375 calories.

7. Atta Puri

Puri and alloo/paneer is the default dinner on Diwali day. And here's the thing with puris: no one can eat just one. But eating two of those could give you 335 calories.

6. Paneer Pakoda

It's not just our own houses. Going to a rishtedaar's house is also the time to munch on pakodas and chai. Talking about pakodas, having just four pieces of paneer pakoda comes with not much... just 274 Calories.

5. Samosa

You will bite on that samosa anyway. But just one piece is a calorie bomb, with 268 calories.

4. Jalebi

4-5 pcs of this sweetness overload can give you 263 Cal

3. Papri Chat

1/2 a plate, or 100 grams of this chatpata madness can give you 126 Cal.

2. Veg Biryani

Surprise surprise... 100 grams of this will only give you 101 calories. Before getting excited, remember that 100 grams roughly equals only 5 spoonfuls! Talk about small portions!

1. Matar Paneer

Every curry household loves this. But if you only stick to 100 grams or 1/2 a katori, you can get out with just 92 calories.

With this we come to the end of our calorie kam contest. And the winner is matar paneer!

(With inputs from nutritionist Kavita Devgan)

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