After Kissing Goodbye To Paras Chhabra, Akanksha Puri Getting Stronger Physically And Emotionally- EXCLUSIVE WITH PICTURES

Akanksha Puri had not expected even in her dreams that Paras Chhabra would change so drastically post his entry in Bigg Boss 13. His proximity to co-contestant Mahira Sharma, followed by his uncharitable remarks against her on various occasions, pinched the actress and she called it quits.

So even before Bigg Boss 13 could end, we saw Paras and Akanksha’s love affair becoming a closed chapter. While one had expected this to be a game plan of Paras, he tried to make it worse for Akanksha as post his exit when he claimed that he broke up with the actress because she LEAKED OUT personal details about him in the press. Little did he know she was already on her way,  looking at life positively. 




Next, he participated in Swayamvar only proving that he never had anything for the lady who stood strongly by his side in difficult times. Ridiculous on his part,  ee feel

Anyway,  now, a friend of the actress tells us that Akanksha is getting stronger, mentally and physically with each passing day. 

The actress is hitting the gym and working out more than ever before as she has a big,  interesting project lined up. Yes,  and an official announcement in this regard is soon in the offing

 “I was always a strong girl but I want to do more things this time and I am taking it to another level. This year has shown me a lot and it is going to get even more challenging from here on, as I have a lot more coming up which needs extensive preparation.”

She further added, ���I have raised the bar way too much for myself and I am confident about achieving my goals.”

Bravo! akanksha,  it's good to see you handle this situation with such grace and dignity. As for Paras, we really think he needs to reflect back on his actions; they've been completely unacceptable. 

After disrespecting the one he loved, Paras even went on to the extent of publically mocking the tattoo that he had inked for Akanksha by saying that he will put a cross mark on it and write ‘Who’s next?’ Seriously Paras?Akanksha, we feel you took the right decision!

We wish Miss Puri all the luck for her future projects.

Image Source:- instagram/akanksha8000/parasvchhabrra

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