This knitted scarf looks a lot like a giant sock

Abbi Malbon
Photo credit: Dukyana

From Cosmopolitan UK

As someone with quite the passion for Christmas jumpers, I’m all about a fashion buy that’s both warm and head-turning - but who needs a festive knit when you can literally dress like a human sock?

Yeah, you heard me.

Bulgarian woollen designer Dukyana has created the most epic scarf/jumper/tube which literally covers from neck to toe, without even an arm hole to let the cold air in.

Photo credit: Dukyana

The ‘chunky mohair tube scarf’ is like the extreme version of a snood or jumper dress, and we’re kind of into it, for a number of reasons:

1. Getting dressed in the morning would be very easy.
2. The obvious benefit of wearing a giant blanket.
3. Lots of stretch for extra festive eating.

The only downside is it’s kind of pricey - £208, to be exact. And you may actually struggle to buy one, as they’re currently sold out... but the designer is confident you can have your order within 14 days of payment, so that Christmas dream can still be a reality.

It’s worth nothing, though, that previous wearers of the scarf haven't been entirely convinced. Some commented that the design is not practical for walking long distances, and others said it looks shapeless on, although that's not entirely surprising, really.

If the scarf covers too much skin, you might want to consider Dukyana's mohair jumper with matching shorts.

Something for everyone during the winter! I'm placing my order as we speak.

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