Knitting is Best Hobby to Reduce Your Stress and Heart Rate, Claims Study

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People are really having a tough time since the COVID-19 pandemic begin back in Jan-Feb 2020. While some have to lose their job, many others have lost their lives. The virus has made everybody’s life more difficult and problematic. People are frustrated, sad and scared with the increasing fear of losing their job and loved ones.

However, everyone is trying to be positive and helpful during this crisis period. Taking new hobbies and working on their creativity and skills have become a new way of relaxing and enduring stress and tension during these difficult times.

Deep relaxation is much needed when your mind is overloaded with stress to relax and recharge your energy level. Doing your hobby or favourite past-time activity can really enhance your mood and reduce your anxiety.

As per an article in the Times of India, knitting is the most relaxing hobby that everyone can take up. A survey has revealed that knitting can reduce stress levels and heart rate, claiming it to be the best hobby one can take up during COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey was conducted with 2,379 participants. About 20 common hobbies were listed that help to reduce stress, including the likes of hiking and cooking. The participants were asked to wear a fitness band to track their heart rate which helped the team to find the lowest heart rate hobby in the activity.

The survey found that people who knit has a lower heart rate by an average of 19 per cent as compared to other participants who perform other activities.

The article says that knitting is the most effective work to lower heart rate, however, it depends on the personal choices and perspectives of the people.

So, various activities may work differently for many people. The way of relaxing and reducing stress can be different from one person to another. Moreover, handling stress more calmly is the most important thing.