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Karnesh Sharma

The actress comes from a defence background and was the only one in her family who picked showbiz, until recently. Her super adorable brother had initially pursued a career in the oceans and had served in the Merchant Navy before turning a movie producer with sister, Anushka’s home production, ‘NH 10’. A fun fact about Karnesh is that he used to be a state level cricketer and had played in the Ranji Trophy cricket also.

Know what these 10 lesser-known siblings of your favorite stars do?

They may have stayed afar from the arclights, but that didn’t stall them from being the biggest companions to their famous siblings.

We have seen them with our favorites in many events, the D-days of their lives, and it peaked our curiosity: “What do they do? What are they like in real life? Are they like our siblings or what?”

Here are 10  lesser-known siblings of your favorite stars who chose to walk different paths, stayed away from limelight, but have acted as your star’s support system always.

It was hard to settle eyes on anything beyond Deepika Padukone in her wedding day, that is exactly how breathtakingly gorgeous she looked. However, the papz didn’t miss to take a shot or two of the sister-in-law and we couldn’t help but notice that good-looks run in Ranveer’s genes. The reticent elder sister of the star is quite media shy but shares a very caring bond with her actor brother who never forgets to touch her feet and take blessings before special occasions.