Know About The Hairstyle That Suits You Most As Per Your Zodiac

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Hair On The Head & Stars In The Sky
Have you heard about the similarity between the hair on your head and the stars in the sky? Well, it is said that both are numerous and very difficult to count. But this semblance doesn’t end there. As hair beautifies our personality, stars above in the skies, decorate the celestial superspace.

And there is no wonder that, in the traditional Indian wisdom (which actually can also be referred to as universal human wisdom because the most defining characteristic of Indian wisdom is that it cuts across the narrow confines of mine and thine), the brain or mind (which is contained in the head) is compared with the universe (because both are infinite, practically and all the more potentially).

Stars Also Decide Our Best Hair Style
Of course, there is a contrast as well. While stars are mostly glittery white, most hair (at least among Indians and most of the Asian) are black. (Of course, they become grey with the advancement of wisdom but that is a different thing altogether).

All that apart, there is a strong linkage between the hair and stars. Well, that is not just between the hair & the stars. It is between stars and everything else. Feeling curious? Okay! As per the noble & empowering science of Astrology, everything on our Earth, everything that is born (or is created) and dies (or is destroyed) ) is influenced by the position, placement and interaction between the stars and planets.

Abiding By Stars Is Helpful To Humans
So, now let us come to the core point of our interaction. Stars also decide our hairstyle. They tell us which hairstyle suits us the most, as per our Zodiac signs (Zodiac signs are the fundamental parameters on which Astrology is devised and based on which this science functions). Yes, as per Astrology, every individual possesses different and unique characteristics as per their zodiac. For instance, Aries is a fire elemental, while Pisces is a water elemental, therefore styling according to the zodiac can add extra stars to your persona.

And do you know that, as per the belief, if you actually keep your hairstyle as per your zodiac, you will be more attuned to the stars and the universal order? Fortune will shine and you will be blessed by the cosmic energy. So, let us move on straight to the zodiac signs and the corresponding suitable hairstyle for men and women.

Aries Hairstyles

For Women Of Aries
Aries females are free-spirited and highly confident. You like adventurous ways and are powerful leaders. Due to this bold attitude, you frequently become the centre of attention. So, if you want to go for short hair, ‘bob cut’ suits best with your daring personality. Surely, this complements your outspoken nature. But, if you want to go for long hair, ‘half boho bun’ will be a great choice.

For Men Of Aries
Well, Aries men are more commonly engrossed with a new project or making plans for new leadership goals. They mostly want simple but classy hairstyles. Crew cut, Military cut, or Tapered cut is the best for them.

Taurus Hairstyles

For Woman Of Taurus
For the rigid Taurus, Venus is your planet lord, the planet which is associated with love and beauty. You want to keep your hair long and wavy. For sure, your curls give the best shot with open hair, a simple messy bun can increase your beauty.

For Men Of Taurus
Venus gives you a charming personality. You are grounded & steady. You can rejuvenate people around you. You like to attract people's attention, thus you prefer long hair and keep it tied in a ponytail. Curls add on to your look. So, you can use good hair products for the same.

Gemini Hairstyles

For Women Of Gemini
These females, who have two roles, keep themselves busy on social networking sites and social gatherings. They are interested in exploring new things. As per their nature, shoulder-length hair goes well, it can be curly or straight. You can also try different hair colour shades. On special occasions, you may go for ‘waterfall braid’. This will look really good with your shoulder-length hair.

For Men Of Gemini
Being indecisive but gifted, Geminis love to be trendy. They want to experiment with their haircut and hair colours. To look younger, they may go for a Mohawk haircut and colour it with their choicest hair colour shade. Thus, they experience the looks of both worlds and be suave and clean at the same time.

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Cancer Hairstyles

For Women Of Cancer
They are thoughtful and try to balance between emotional and material realms. Besides, Cancerians are self-protective and take more time to open up to people. Cancerians can’t go for many changes at once and like to play safe. Instead of experimenting, they vouch for classic ponytails high or low, that will complement their personality.

For Men Of Cancer
As for Cancerian males, they are very much attached to all the aspects of their life and are touchy about it. Hairs are no exception to this rule. To rejuvenate their youth, they may prefer to have youthful hairstyles. Classic haircuts with a royal touch are Cancerian’s favourites. They may like to have long hair but it is hard to maintain it. A hair spa can be another important place for them in a busy schedule.

Leo Hairstyles

For Women Of Leo
As they are bold and rebellious, Leo always likes to dominate. Leo is ruled by the sun, which stands for life and vitality – thus they love to celebrate. Long or short but it should be curly for sure, that will enhance your celebration mood. Their faces look more pretty with curly locks. Don’t forget Halle Berry, Tapsee Pannu with pretty locks.

For Men Of Leo
Of course, thick manes are their identity. They love their long and maintained hair, which may require good styling products and regular oiling. Besides, they usually colour their beautiful mane too.

Virgo Hairstyles

For Women Of Virgo
They are logical, hardworking and creative. They are life-long learners and always seek new things. A long side ponytail is just the best for these compassionate creatures. You can set your hair free just like your thoughts or can keep a beautiful ‘Bob cut’ to experiment with your look.

For Men Of Virgo
These perfectionists don’t like to spend time on styling and looks, they prefer a simple and sober look. Short hair cuts match their temperament that requires less time and effort. However, you need to visit the barber more often to keep them short. You can also use wax, or gel to fix them for a longer duration.

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Libra Hairstyles

For Women Of Libra
Scales always seek a balanced life. Not only are they hopelessly romantic, but also keep praising the beauty around them. Libras thrive in creative and exquisite ambience – they appreciate the finer things. Picking up specific hairstyles is an injustice to their creative self. Instead, they can accessorize their hair with some beautiful hairband or hair clips to quench their creativity. For special occasions, side braids are perfect.

For Men Of Libra
They have eternal love for beauty, elegance, and all things that have an aesthetic appeal to them. You love applying hair gel, hair spray or hair serum to attract the attention of the opposite sex. You like to experiment with different hairstyles whether new, old or funky. No doubt, with the 1960's retro look you can create a new style statement.

Scorpio Hairstyles

For Women Of Scorpio
Highly energetic, powerful and passionate Scorpions love doing complete makeovers. In case you want to go for short hair, you can have a cropped french Bob, which can create wonders for you. With long hair, you can experiment dutch braids. This complements best with your mysterious personality.

For Men Of Scorpio
You love being the centre of attraction. Short hair and shaved look go perfect with your secretive character. Ethics means a lot to you, therefore you don’t prefer to use any artificial hair products.

Sagittarius Hairstyles

For Women Of Sagittarius
Adventure seeker archers are full of confidence and optimism, which make their personality even more charming. They don’t need any special hairstyle. They are meant to carve their own path. They don’t follow trends but create style statements. Whether a braided look or flawless free hair, they look mesmerising in every hairstyle, but a ponytail is good for their wanderlust attitude.

For Men Of Sagittarius
They are born adventurous. These Hodophiles cannot sit in a single place for a long time. Short hair that needs less attention and maintenance is perfect for these archers. However, you love trying different looks, but any trendy hairstyle can suit your adventurous self.

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Capricorn Hairstyles

For Women Of Capricorn
Capricorn is humble, compassionate, hardworking and a big-time optimist. They may seem stubborn to some but once you get to know them, you’ll soon realize they are loyal and loving. No obstacles can stop them from achieving their objective. They prefer a Simple and Elegant style, so side braids can solve that purpose well.

For Men Of Capricorn
Practical and ambitious Capricorn prefer to live a disciplined life. While you are in the office, you might want to sport a look that is very sleek and look professional, and you would love to go for simple, traditional, and non-messy hairstyles. You can go to buy some styling products to set your crown for a longer duration.

Aquarius Hairstyles

For Women Of Aquarius
Compassionate but rebellious Aquarius loves wandering. Matching to the changing and demanding lifestyle of yours, medium length hair is perfect for you. You're gifted with natural curls that can accompany a high pony which is easily manageable.

For Men Of Aquarius
Aquarius is a good communicator and loves experimenting with different things. They prefer a creative hairstyle, therefore half-pony goes perfect with your temperament. It complements your creativity and personality.

Pisces Hairstyles

For Women Of Pisces
These dreamy creatures love to experiment with look, style. They keep changing from open hair to ponytail to different styles of braids. A half-up hair bow may be a good option to engage your experimental nature.

For Men Of Pisces
Most mysterious and secretive zodiac Pisces are very creative chaps. But, they choose comfort over style. Although they like all kinds of hair, they love using different shades of hair colour.

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