Know How Long Food In Refrigerator Remains Fit For Consumption

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Managing time in our current fast-paced lifestyle can really be tough. In between our juggle from work and home, we do not even get the time to have food properly. And if you are a working individual who cooks food for yourself, the struggle becomes even tougher. To strike a balance, people cook food whenever they can manage time and store it in the refrigerator for consumption later. This way they do not need to take out extra time from their schedule to cook meals and can just warm the food before eating.

However, the biggest question in this lifestyle pattern is about our health. Are these food items stored in the refrigerator fit for consumption? And if they are, what is the time limit to consume them before they can cause health issues? Are there any negative impacts of consuming refrigerated food? If you also have been dealing with doubts like these, read on to know about the right time to consume food items stored in food.

  • Cooked rice stored in the fridge should be consumed within two days. Before warming the stored rice, leave it at room temperature for a few minutes
  • Consume cooked daal stored in the fridge within two days. Dal stored longer than that can cause gas in your stomach.
  • Cut fruits shouldn’t be stored in refrigerators for a long time and preferably should be kept inside an airtight container.
  • Cut papaya stored in the fridge should be consumed within six hours.
  • Pieces of apple should be consumed within four hours. Else, the cut apple turns pale due to oxidation
  • Apart from these, cherries can be kept for seven days, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries for three to six weeks, citrus fruits for one to three weeks, grapes for seven days.
  • Melon uncut can be kept for two weeks. If cut, they should not be stored longer than two to four days.
  • While pineapples can be stored for five to seven days, beans shouldn’t be kept in the fridge for longer than four days
  • Storing corn for more than two days, brinjal for seven days, and mushroom for a week can be harmful to your body.
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