Know Which Is Your Lucky Day, As Per Your Zodiac Signs

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Isn’t luck one of the chief ingredients of a successful life? We all need luck in our lives, isn’t it? There is nobody who would say no to better luck. And it is believed that our destiny is decided by the heavenly bodies lying millions and millions of kilometres above us. Well, humankind is blessed with the marvel of Astrology, the empowering mechanism which can please these planets and invite us to good luck. It is in our complete interest to believe that any special task or event must be done at the right ‘Muhurat’ based on your Zodiac Sign & different planetary positions.

All of us have some lucky days, based on our Zodiac Signs. The time-space factor is more friendly towards us on that day as existential parameters are better aligned to our individuality and thus we may get more or better success if we do things on that day or during those times. This school of thought is not a product of a dated scenario. It belongs to the time-tested and well-established science which is based on a thorough working of both reason and devotion. So, without taking any further, let’s see what work you should do on which day based on your Zodiac Sign.

Monday - The Day Of The Crabs (Cancer)
Monday is not the day just after the weekend wherein we yawn and feel lazy in the morning. It is the best day for the crabs. So hey Cancerian, it’s time for ‘Monday Motivation’. Cancerians are filled with hope & luck on Mondays. Got a hunch? Consider your intuition and instinct, particularly on Mondays, to act on.

You Can Do The Below Activities On Mondays:
Do yoga
Try meditation
Making fine schedule
Go for the nature walks
Work on your writing & speech
What Cancerians Should Wear on Mondays
Seashell prints and/or jewellery
Moon pendants
Blue and white are the ideal colours to wear
Invest (wisely)
Brainstorm a new idea that would reward you in future

Tuesday - When Fortune Shines On Scorpio & Aries
So, you could work out your Monday? Now, it's time for Tuesday! Tuesdays are usually eventful and filled with activities. They are the best for Scorpio & Aries Zodiac Signs. Ariens work dynamically with bubbling enthusiasm. As for Scorpions, they move with a purpose & willingness to achieve something.

You Can Do The Following To Make The Most Out Of Your Tuesdays:
Fulfilling your given commitments
Completing legal formalities
Speaking truth with utmost courage
Starting a new Podcast
What Scorpions & Ariens should wear on Tuesdays?
Wearing Gold
Wear an Orange Or Red Color outfit
Applying Rose scent would work best

Wednesday - A Very Good Day For Gemini, Virgo, & Aquarius
Hey, please don’t discount Wednesday. The day works out very well, especially for Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius. They can make the most out of this day. Wednesday brings about total balance, moderation & stability. It is also the best day to think about past achievements and also plan for future developments.

Things That Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius Can Do On Wednesdays:
Go ahead for a public speech
Say YES to either office or personal tours
Cycling or yoga
Complete all stuff related to marketing & sales
Stick to reading books of your favourite genre
What Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius Should Wear On Wednesdays?
Wear green, deep blue, or purple colour outfits
Wear emerald Jewellery

Thursday - A Day That Favours Sagittarius & Pisces
Thursdays should be about positivity and sustenance. Do you agree on this point? Well, if you work hard with all your efforts and focus on Thursdays, you may get really good results. And this is all truer for Sagittarius and Pisces natives. Unlike many other Zodiacs, Sagittarius and Pisces do not get tired easily. So, you should start your Thursday with a fresh mindset and with loads of commitment. The ruler of Thursday is Jupiter and Jupiter is about generosity, expansion and self-development. The natives of Sagittarius & Pisces can motivate other people and make them succeed through their proper guidance. They are expert consultants, who often advise unconditionally! Indeed, how-so-ever big the challenges are, Sagittarius and Pisces natives get it done without being defeated.

What Should Sagittarius & Pisces Natives Do On Thursdays:
Make new food dishes for friends & family
Review financial activities systematically
Give a shot to a business deal sss
Even if you feel 1%, start learning a new language
Indulge yourself in self-improvement
What Sagittarius & Pisces Should Wear On Thursdays?
Try wearing a blue, yellow or red outfit
Scents like rose, mint & Sandalwood are a perfect combination for this day
Decorating home with a beautiful flower or rose would just add a cookie in Ice-cream
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Friday - The Luckiest Day For Taurus & Libra
Woohoo, it’s Friday, the last day of the week! And do you know, it’s not a day just before the weekend but the day is also ruled by the lord of Prosperity, Happiness, Pleasure & Passion - Venus. Besides, Friday is associated with the emotions of accommodativeness & feeling good, all the more for Taurus & Libra natives. They may go for their genre’s movie, date or other fun activities once they are done with their work. Indeed, both the natives most enjoy harmony on this day.

What Can Taurus & Libra Natives Do On Fridays:
Spend extra quality time with family
Get into the kitchen & surprise everyone by making delicious dishes
Throw a party for friends or family
Plan a Lovey-dovey Date
What Taurus & Libra Should Wear On Fridays?
They can wear white or cream colour clothes
The ideal day to wear diamond or white jewellery
You can also try wearing luscious floral printed clothes
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Saturday -The Best Day For Capricorn
Hurray! It's the weekend! It is the day which we were waiting for. The day is also about self-improvement or maybe self-healing. It is the best day for Capricorn natives. If there was an error in the past work, the Capricorn natives will be more than happy to rectify it on Saturdays even though it's the weekend. They can make the most out of this day. Of course, Saturday is governed by Saturn, an organised, controlling energy. Even though it's the weekend, Capricorns will still attend important meetings. Sounds so inspiring, isn’t it?

What Can Capricorn Natives Do On Saturdays:
Plan in advance for the upcoming week
Decorate the home, fulfil various family responsibilities
Complete homework & all the pending tasks
Donation in old an age home
What Capricorn Should Wear On Saturdays?
Black or brown colour clothes
Wearing Sapphire Gemstone can bring positive energy
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Sunday - The Super Lucky Day For The Lions
Well, well, well, Sunday stands for resting, partying & satisfaction. This King of the days is ruled by The Sun, which stands for Energy & Expression. On Sundays, Leos express themselves better than any other day. Leos may even indulge themselves in guilty pleasures. They may go for Spa treatments, Sunbath & so on. On the whole, Leos enjoy this day to the fullest. They spend time with family, friends or date with themselves.

Activities That Leo Can Do On Sundays:
Recharge your must needed batteries
Go for a walk with your close friend
Keep the mode of self-indulging On
Sing in the shower, don’t hesitate to become a rocking bathroom singer
What Leo Should Wear On Sunday?
Wear gold to gain maximum energy
An ideal day to wear warm colours like yellow, red & orange
Enhance your home energy with a beautiful sunflower

So, what are you planning to do on your lucky day? launching corona’s vaccine or investing in some good stocks? Whatever you will do, hope you are chuffed with more & more added value!

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