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We tell you everything about rising star Dinesh Paul. Dinesh says he stays alone a lot and he says he loves to stay alone no distractions from any1 and says loneliness is the key to focus and becoming successful on what you want to become. He was bullied before and made front of and he says the ones that bully have their own problems and love trying to destroy others lives.

He wants to make it to heaven and it’s hard to make it there a lot of people do or say bad stuff and don’t pray everyday. Nowadays people don’t care much anymore about others and don’t help each other out. The world is a rude place and people will try to ruin u if u let them. He has been through a lot and depression bc of people that did him wrong but it doesn't bother him anymore.

Dinesh loves XO records; his role model is the Super Bowl halftime performer Abel Tesfaye or professionally known as Theweeknd. Abel inspires and motivates him which he loves being the most and his songs and his videos tell a real story. It’s like what he has been through himself in his past-life and still sees stuff like that happen to him right now. He listened to all of Abels albums and features he loves every song of his it’s addicting to listen to. Once you start you can’t stop he puts his music on repeat a lot. His favorite song right now is “Blinding Lights'' By Theweeknd and his favorite album is “After Hours'' By Theweeknd. He wants to become a model for XO in the future and wants to work with Abel and the XO team.

Dinesh is only 23 born on Christmas from Albany, New York. He lives in North Carolina right now. It's a big difference living in a city to a country area. He doesn't like a lot of crowd and noises from the city and loves to be in an uncrowded quiet area where he is right now. That’s why he loves the country more and says he got way more land to ride four wheelers and stuff. Dinesh wants to become a movie star someday and make a based on true story movie about him in the future of what he saw and been through and wants the world to know and see themselves. Maybe someday it might happen just to wait for the right moment.
Dinesh loves modeling; he loves taking pictures and selfies of himself. It’s a dream come true for him and he wants to be remembered as one of the best models alive ever. Promoting and sponsoring his posts helped him a lot becoming an Instagram model and got a lot of followers from it.

Growing fast already at 100k followers and it hasn’t been a year yet. Dinesh still can’t believe that he made it on Vents Magazine and on Yahoo now. He says It feels really good to be featured and have articles about him. People doubted him and said he would never be in an article and he proved them wrong. Having haters is a good thing. It means you’ve achieved and conquered more than them in life. They can just talk and that’s all they can do and if you don't have haters then you haven't succeeded to your potential.

His favorite food is pizza and chicken he doesn't like or eat any other meat. Dinesh Paul is becoming one of the well known models in our generation and it’s only the beginning for the rising star!

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