Do You Know How Naagin 5 Star Sharad Malhotra Tied The Knot With Ripci Bhatia? It Was Pretty Extraordinary

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Naagin 5 star Sharad Malhotra who is one of the popular faces of the Telly world got into matrimony on April 20, 2019, with a fashion designer named Ripci Bhatia. The two had a dreamy wedding which was followed by a grand reception. Whenever two people get hitched, many would want to know their love story and how things panned out for them. Well, speaking of which, their love story is pretty unusual which then to a filmy marriage. Reportedly, Sharad and Ripci have known each other for many years but their love brewed only last year.

Sharad's sister is a fashion designer and that’s how he met Ripci in the first place, however, none of them thought that one day, they will marry each other. However, it was their family who took this relationship forward. Before the wedding was on the cards, Sharad's mother had accepted Ripci as her daughter-in-law and wanted him to marry Ripci only. Well, now that’s a sweet love story, isn’t it? It has been a year since Sharad and Ripci got married to each other. They had a lockdown anniversary but the celebration for them was uninjured.

Sharing a romantic picture with wife Ripci and giving a glimpse of the night's celebration, he said 12 months of pure marital bliss has passed and now entering the second year.

Sharad wrote, "I blinked my eyes and in an instant 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks, 8760 hours of pure marital bliss has passed & we enter into the 2nd year of this purposeful institution with alot more understanding, maturity, unity, acceptance, honesty, integrity, compassion & LOVE ......Thanku @ripci.bhatia for a superlative first year and knowing it'll get better & better as the years go by.....#happyfirstanniversarytoUs #tomanymore”

Image source: Instagram/ sharadmalhotra009

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