Know The Personality Traits of Thursday Born People

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Children Born On Thursday
Well, it is a common observation that some individuals are more attractive and others are less attractive. Do you know the reason for it? Also, how the days of the week influence in determining your personality. According to several scholars, the advent of the common names for the days of the week and their association with planets came about around the first-century B.C.E. The days of the week, in the English calendar, are named after ancient Norse and Roman gods, who are associated with planets, and thus, bring forth certain personality traits as well.

The Director of Hartwick College in New York says all the seven days in the week are named after the planets. As the Sun's day, Moon’s day. In the same manner, Thursday is associated with Norse God and the planet Jupiter also known as Thor’s day. Thursday is the Day of Jupiter (Thor’s Day – Thor the Norse God of Thunders is associated with Jupiter/Zeus). The Royal Nature of Zeus blesses the Child born on Thursday with optimism and good luck. So, let's now know some surprisingly hidden traits of the Thursday-born child.

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The Striking Personality Of The People Born On Thursday
Thursday is the fifth day of the week. This day is ruled by the most influential planet Jupiter, and hence, such people are considered to be extremely lucky. Those who are born on Thursday will show expansion, happiness, optimism, perspective, and good humor. This means you are very optimistic and your wealth will expand in life. You want everything to be larger than life. However, you may experience depression. You should recharge yourself with optimism and always keep an eye on the positive aspect of life. Additionally, Jupiter is also the planet of scholars, and thus natives born on a Thursday will have a special philosophical fervor to share with others. You can become a very good advisor or mentor and always be surrounded by people who continually seek your views and judgment.

The Glorious Career Of The Thursday Born Personality
Thursday-born people treat their team members with compassion and with a lot of love. Be you at the office or in business, you will always remain at the top position, and nobody will have the courage to challenge your thoughts. Everyone will respect you and listen to your thoughts with utmost attention and respect. And therefore for you, teaching, philosophy, management, advisory, and politics are excellent career options where you can excel with flying colors. Thursday born hate regular jobs and always look forward to changing that, they are all for variety. More amazingly, as you are very curious, you remain always in search of new things that intrigue you.

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The Exciting Love Life of Thursday Born People
As for love life, then Thursday born people are very expressive and you express love in a very open way, and speak out your mind without considering how other people will feel. And, this habit may put you in a difficult situation sometimes. Although you are a passionate lover, you get bored easily, and thus you should find a partner who is both adventurous and outgoing. On the friendship front, you get along with those who are born under 3, 21, and 30 dates. As for secrets, you can be more enthusiastic to share things.

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A Flourishing Marital Life For The People Born On Thursday
As for married life, you Thursday born people are very passionate. You seek partners who are wild and adventurous and try every possible way to make the day special for your loved ones by frequently exchanging gifts. However, at times your wrong words become the greatest hurdle between your love life, thus you need to put a check on your anger and frustration, and also make sure while speaking the word, as your one wrong sentence can create disharmony in your life.

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Good Health For Thursday Born People
Thursday born people will enjoy optimum health. But, if Saturn is badly placed in your chart, then you can have a problem with sound sleep, along with other health conditions related to teeth, stomach issues, and delay in marriage.
Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Negative Characteristics Of Thursday Born People
Thursday born people have a big problem of egotism which makes you hard-hearted by nature. And this trait refrains you from taking a stand by yourself for friendship. You are quite temperamental and thus it makes you engage in the scuffle, and surprisingly, in no time you become kinder also like a rose petal. You have very little control over your own desires and usually tend to work under the influence of greediness. But with the time you learn how to use your knowledge in a proper way. You are very rigid in following your own plans and thus sometimes you want everyone to follow the path that you are paving.

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