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9xmovies is a very famous but blacklisted by google and other search engines because of piracy. 9xmovies is a piracy website that has leaked so many indian and hollywood movies and uploaded on their server so that users can download and watch movies illegally. whether they be from Bollywood or from Hollywood. Nowadays this has covered the world and users are getting benefit from these type of websites to download all the content for free. Lets know more about it. Read on…

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We have already seen so many website has been banned by Indian high court and has been strictly ordered to be blocked and there is no surprised that out of those sites 9xmovies website has been blacklisted too. Despite all the required action taken, when all leading Bollywood and Hollywood films and even web-series get released, they are soon seen on the 9xmovies website since the release time. Says a lot about them right?

9xmovies 2019

It is a public torrent site which is a known menace in the field of piracy and leaking content in all languages, even English movies have also been victim of this site. The website uploads the pirated versions of these films their website which is actually a criminal offence under the Indian legal system.

9xmovies Movies Download

Websites like 9xmovies must be stopped as soon as possible because they leak films which are made over a budget of more than a hundred crores and even more and are shared online for free in minutes. The cheaper and pirated versions lack quality and kill the whole movie watching experience hence causing huge amounts of loss for the producers and the distributors of these multi-crore ventures.


Image result for 9xmovies
Image result for 9xmovies

Below are some of the domains from 9xmovies :

9xmovies 2019

9xmovies info

9xmovies bid

9xmovies net

9xmovies life

9xmovies win

Disclaimer : This is just an information about this piracy site. We don’t support these type of piracy sites like 9xmovies. We does not support or promote piracy in any manner. Its against of Indian government rule

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