Know The Right Sitting Postures While Working From Home

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Working from the comfort of our homes seemed like a great idea when it started. However, as many of us don’t have a proper home office setup, the practice has started causing some problems. Have you also experienced more headaches than usual? Are you noticing your neck or back is a little sore? Most of us may not have a designated workspace at home and that has ruined our posture.

Sitting in the wrong posture may cause muscle spasm, pain in the neck and back. Many of us sit on couches while working on the laptops. The resulting posture may cause physical unrest and affect your body. You can make some simple adjustments to your workstation at home to decrease stress and discomfort caused by poor posture.

Here are some tips for keeping the right posture and preventing strain:

Try to not sit or lay on the couch or in the bed with your laptop. Make it a habit to always sit on chair and keep your laptop on the table while working

For adequate support on chair, use a small pillow at the back

It is natural to want to change posture while working but do not bend yourself towards one side

Keeping the correct posture is important therefore align your head above shoulders and hips when sitting

Ensure that the chair you use has a comfortable back support

Do not sit for more than an hour at once, take a break of at least 10 minutes per hour of sitting

A hands-free device for extended phone calls should be used

Keep your mouse and keyboard close to each other

The head should be kept at an arm’s length from the screen

If you need more support while sitting, use a footstool and keep your feet on it

Ensure that the laptop is at your eye level. Your ams should not be too low or high while working on the laptop

The level of your knees should be slightly lower than hips to provide you the correct posture


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