Get to Know the Spirit World With the Persian Medium

Motivational, high spirited, positive attitude, focused artist and author with a strong personality! These are all the words that describe Fiona, best known as the Persian Medium. She is a celebrity medium with the gift and ability to connect with spirits from the outer world beyond to deliver messages from loved ones who have past to those who are still present here on earth. Fiona also works closely with law enforcement to uncover unsettling news to help solve mysteries. Not only does she have a sixth sense, but Fiona is a hypnotherapist, holistic healer and is all about positivity and being fearless.

Q: At what age did you realize you had the special gift to connect with the outer world?

Fiona: It was at the age of 7, it was a bit scary, but joyful. I could feel what my teacher felt, [what] my mom or grandmother [felt]. My great grandmother had this gift, so she would tell me to not say anything to protect me because I was so little. It was very strange but strong. Like angels trying to guide me. I always had someone to talk to. I’ve always been grateful for that energy and blessing.

Q.How did you feel when you first received your first message/connection from a spirit outside of the universe?

Fiona: A friend of mine was with me, and we were playing, and her mom said we have to go. I said, ‘Please don’t go, there may be a car crash.’ Her mom said, ‘No, we have to go my husband is waiting.’ My grandmother was staring at me with wide eyes. A little later, the husband called and did indeed say they were in an accident. I was only 10 years old. Everyone was shocked that I could predict that. I became very popular after that event, [and] while a great realization at the same time, it was very overwhelming because I was so young. Just after turning 10 years old! Somehow, I was ready and it was like an energy was trying to push me [saying something] like ‘It’s your time.’ I would have to deliver the message, good or bad.